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25 exercises for buttocks at home and a video complex for priests

25 exercises for buttocks at home and a video complex for priests

You will learn how to pump up the ass at home with simple exercises. 

To complete them you need fitball, dumbbells and an expander. 

Perform these exercises for the buttocks at home, and your priest will take a first-class shape in the shortest possible time!


How to build buttocks at home

Effective exercises for the buttocks at home

Bulgarian split squat



The Bulgarian split squat, performed with both a bench and a barefoot, is a very effective exercise for the buttocks.

Exercise Superman



With this exercise, you will truly work out the muscles of your hips, buttocks, and back.

Raising the pelvis and legs in the “buttock bridge”



Exercises for buttocks at home can be any, but it is this movement - a variation of the most effective exercise on the muscles of the priests and cortex.

Climb to the step platform



The step platform can be replaced with a bench, a sturdy chair or some kind of ledge.

A more advanced form of exercise also involves lifting your left knee up after you climbed a bench.

Dumbbell oblique lunges



In addition to the buttocks, this exercise also works on the arms and inner thighs, which saves you training time.

Deadlift with kettlebell standing on one leg



You can do this exercise without a kettlebell, but the projectile makes it more effective and complex.

Lift the pelvis in the "shoulder bridge"



This exercise does not require any equipment, but this does not mean that you should avoid it Buy Steroids Online in UK. For greater efficiency, linger for 5 seconds in the upper phase of the exercise or hold the yoga block between the knees.

Leaving legs to the side while standing on all fours


This is an exercise to develop muscles that give the buttocks a toned look.

Raising the pelvis in the "shoulder bridge" using barefoot



Squat Jumping



Classic squats are a great exercise for the buttocks, but if you add jumping to it, it will become even more effective. Jumping also increases your heart rate, which helps burn more calories.

Plie squats



Plie squats work on the buttocks and inner thighs.

Leading the legs back while standing


Gluteal bridge with support on fitball



This exercise is also aimed at developing core muscles.

Romanian deadlift with dumbbell


This exercise works not only on the buttocks, but also on the back of the thighs and quadriceps.

Leg Raise



Performing this exercise using fitball makes you keep your balance, which helps to strengthen core muscles in addition to buttocks.

Dumbbell Squats



Squats are one of the most effective exercises for developing buttock muscles. Using dumbbells makes it a little more complicated.

Plank with raised bent legs



This exercise is aimed at developing the muscles of the buttocks, back of the thighs and abs.

Bodyweight Squats


Regular squats are one of the best exercises for the muscles of the buttocks.

Side curbs with curtsy



This exercise, in addition to the buttocks, works on the inside of the thighs.

Superman exercise with fitball



This exercise gives more load on the buttocks compared to the standard Superman exercise.

Warrior Pose 3



The Marching Bridge



This exercise is aimed at working out the back of the hips, lower back and buttocks.

Leg extension back with an expander



Exercise works out the buttocks and the outside of the hips.

Sumo Squats



Unlike regular squats, this exercise works out the buttock muscles differently. In addition, it is aimed at the development of thigh muscles.

Lifting the body for hip biceps with a fitball



Great exercise for the muscles of the core, buttocks and legs!

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