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5 exercises for the perfect booty

ABOUT beautiful tight buttocks every woman dreams, especially in on the eve of the swimsuit season, short and thin sundresses Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. We offer top 5 exercises for "Pumping and swap "buttocks, without equipment and additional devices.




5 exercises for & nbsp; perfect priests

Our expert: Anastasia Yurkova, master-trainer of group programs in the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit.

Perform these exercises by circle (4?5 circles) from 15 reps and more. A simple version of the complex: do exercises alternately on right and left foot. Stacked option: make the whole circle first on one leg, then on another one.

1 Safe Steroid Store. Exercise 1: lunge forward with housing rotation



Starting position: standing, feet on the width of the pelvic bones, the neutral position of the body.

Take a step forward with your left foot, lower yourself into square lunge position, angle in knee joints 90 degrees, weight distributed evenly over both legs, the standing leg in front is fully on the foot the floor.

Turn the housing towards left foot, then push off the floor with the heel of the left foot and at initial position.

Exercise 2: godmother lunge with housing rotation



Initial: standing position, feet on the width of the pelvic bones, the neutral position of the body.

Step back with your right foot, cross your right foot behind left and tilt the housing at the same time direction of movement Anabolic Steroids for Sale. At this shift the pelvis in side of the supporting leg, as if opening the door with your hip.

Angle in the knee joint of the right leg is 90 degrees, the foot is completely on floor, knee parallel to the foot. On exhale return to initial position.

Exercise 3: lunge on one leg with balance sheet



Starting position standing on right foot, hold left weight, neutral body position. Important: hold the pelvis parallel to the floor line.

Start driving with tilt the body forward, then bend your knee as would be pushing the foot in gender and touch the floor with your left hand. Keep your balance in throughout the exercise Buy Steroids with Credit Card. With your left foot, return to initial position.

Exercise 4: side lunge with tilted housing



Step with your right foot in side, simultaneously tilt the case to the right, try to tilt in frontal plane not unfolding the chest. Reach for hands, creating lateral extension Order Steroids Online. Starting from the heel of the right foot, return to initial position.

Exercise 5: swing back



Initial position - square. Stretch your left leg to parallels with the floor. The lumbar spine is located in neutral position, only drive for expense of the hip joint. Go back to initial position.

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