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Booty like a nut or how to pump up a booty

Booty, like a nut, is already a trend, whether we like it or not. The standard of the ideal female figure is the magic proportion 90-60-90 Anabolic Steroids Australia. Wake up any man, and he will immediately say that a beautiful woman should have big breasts, a thin waist and a surely pumped ass. Have you ever wondered why this is so, and not otherwise? Where did such proportions come from, and why has this formula remained an unshakable axiom for hundreds of years? Let's try to deal with this riddle together and find out how to pump up a girl's butt in the gym.



The mystery of the big priests


A few years ago, scientists conducted research using human capture technology. And they definitely found out where men look when they meet a stranger. It turned out that in the first place they pay attention to the ass, in the second to the chest, and to the face only in the third place.

Researchers have confirmed the truism that the main thing for a woman is not a pretty face, but a magnificent figure and an inflated priest, but they could not give an answer to the question: Why? Psychologists, historians, specialists in anthropogenesis and joint efforts rushed to their aid this scientific secret was solved. It turned out that when you look at a woman from a man, all the thin husks of civilization instantly flies off and, on a subconscious level, he turns into a prehistoric male surrounded by hostile nature.

Looking around an individual of the opposite sex, he is trying to stupidly understand: can this female give birth (width of hips) and feed (size of breast) of my heir. Is she worthy of becoming my life partner? I propose to see the plot on the topic of the benefits of a big priest for a girl.

why do girls have a big butt?

Time passes, historical epochs change, we become more civilized, but big breasts and pumped-up priests are still indispensable attributes of an ideal female figure. So, with the popularity of fitness, the fashion for pumped buttocks has firmly entered our lives, and thanks to a large number of Latin American models, it has even acquired the highest standard of quality - the Brazilian ass.

Graziana Barbosa. The standard of Brazilian priests

Graziana Barbosa. The standard of Brazilian priests

True, pumping up the Brazilian priest is far from lucky for everyone; African roots are needed for this, but building buttocks that are ideal in shape, albeit a European one, is not as difficult as it is commonly thought. Hard - yes, but not difficult Steroid Shop UK. And if the path to the big breast lies through an expensive clinic of plastic surgery, then in order to pump up the ass, the girl needs to purchase a subscription to the gym.

Conclusion: a girls big butt is beautiful, healthy and very fashionable.

Why is it easy to pump up a girls ass?

The muscles of the buttocks are the largest muscle group of our body, consisting of three main segments: large, small and medium muscles. The strongest in our body are the muscles of the jaw, and the largest are the muscles of the priests. The larger the size of the trained part of the body, the easier it is to feel and the faster it responds to the load. Knowing how to pump the ass to the girl in the gym is simple.

If you watch women in any fitness club, then all of them will definitely download the ass. But at the same time, very few of them can boast beautiful buttocks Steroids for Sale Online. If a woman shakes her ass, then this does not mean that she is growing.

To pump up a big ass, you need to go to the gym

To pump up a big ass, you need to go to the gym

But men who train with them side by side, the ass does not shake at all, because this is not a male occupation. The exception is made by professionals of a competitive level, and even then only in preparation for the next competition.  But if you carefully look at their lower body, it turns out that all these amballas are owners of voluminous and beautifully designed priests.

This is not fair - women will say leading steroids for sale. This is pure biomechanics - I will answer. The thing is that men (most of them) just do heavy basic exercises: squats and deadlifts. The muscles of the buttocks help to perform these movements, and since they are large and strong, they slowly steal a part of the load from the rest, smaller and weaker muscle groups. Therefore, all men who perform basic exercises will definitely have a big booty.

Consequently,  in order to pump up a girls ass in the gym, its not enough just to perform complex and mega-tricks exercises from the arsenal of fitness stars, because the harder they are, the less effective they are for ordinary visitors. The secret of building, priests like a nut is to include in the training program buttocks, heavy squats with a barbell below the parallel.

Performing this exercise regularly is the shortest and quickest way to create a big priest. And no sophisticated cardio machines or strolling around the room with 1 kg dumbbells, it wont help

Conclusion: to pump up the ass, like a nut you need more and lower squats with a heavy barbell.

Butt Workout Buy Steroids in UK. The simpler the better


In any gym, you can see girls pacing among exercise machines with a barbell on their shoulders or with dumbbells in their hands. They are desperately trying to complete this difficult exercise, maintain their balance and not kill other, more adequate visitors. Everyone has to step aside, for a woman shakes her ass.

An activity that is truly worthy of respect, but lunges with a barbell in motion is by no means the best butt exercise in the gym, and far not the safest, for knee joints, there are simpler and more effective.

Lunges with a barbell in motion - not the best exercise on the ass in the gym

Lunges with a barbell in motion - not the best exercise on the ass in the gym

I always want to ask: why not perform this exercise while standing still, in Smith's simulator for example, and not interfere with the rest? After all, it is much easier technically.

No need to try to maintain balance, there is no need to include in the work a bunch of stabilizer muscles, while removing the load from the muscles of the legs and buttocks. And there is no need to scatter your attention, being distracted by other trainees who dared to stand in the way.

Due to this, the exercise can use more weight and significantly increase its effectiveness. But how is this possible? After all, all the phony shakes the ass this way. You can continue to continue stupidly copying programs for girls on the ass, performed by professional fitness models, but just quickly pumping the buttocks quickly does not work out that way.

No matter how beautiful and interesting the videos shot in  sunny California, but buttock training, you need to start with the most technically simple and most effective exercises.

Conclusion: buttock training is hard but technically simple work. Big booty loves simple exercises

In addition, you need a clear and competent training strategy that can answer the question of how to pump a big ass. First, the buttocks just need to be increased in size, and then give your pumped-up pope a breathtaking shape that can delight any man and cause tantrum among friends. 

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