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Buttocks in 30 days - exercises for buttocks and legs for girls at home

Well, what girl does not dream of elastic buttocks and slender legs. The upcoming summer season will be happy to meet you in an updated form!

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application "Buttocks in 30 days" for girls

If you've never done this kind of workout, it's really easy to get started with this app. After the applet is installed on your smartphone, you can immediately perform exercises for the priests and legs - a full workout is available without restrictions.

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The full course, as the name suggests, is designed for 30 days. Each day includes exercises for the legs and buttocks, from 8 to 11 types with repetitions up to 25 times. Workouts are performed with the help of detailed text instructions, as well as a voice coach who will guide your actions. Also, with the help of animation, they show you how to do this or that exercise: how to squat and bend correctly to pump up your hips and buttocks, and at the same time not pull anything.

buttocks in 30 days exercises on the ass

Additionally, you can go to the YouTube video to see how the exercise is performed by a professional fitness trainer.

An important point - the entire course is thought out so as not to drive you daily loads. On every fourth day, the Buttocks application for 30 days - exercises on the ass invites you to relax and recover.

leg exercises at home

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To ensure that recovery after exercise, as well as on rest days, is as effective as possible, take a few minutes of pleasant and relaxing meditation with pleasant music in a relaxed atmosphere. And you can choose the right meditation program for yourself using the application Stop breathe & Think: Meditate.

After you perform exercises for the legs, hips and priests, the application will display a small report:

exercises for the legs and buttocks

Also, do not forget to enter data on height and weight so that the mobile program calculates your body mass index.

The report screen shows all your workouts, the total number of calories and the total time of classes Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. You can see the same data in the History section. And the graph of exercises and weight displays the dynamics of your progress for each day of classes.

exercises for the priests and legs

The exercises in the training set are quite simple. The training plan is designed for 30 days, a small training session includes up to 10 exercises, repetitions of some exercises need to be done 20 times. Fitness plan for pumping buttocks suggests every 4 days - relaxation.

Application features

Let it not bother you that not a single exercise includes additional equipment. The entire training program is designed so that you can work on the muscles of the buttocks and perform exercises for the legs at home. After you have completed the initial 30-day course, you can safely proceed to the more difficult stage. Read more about this in our complete guide. how to build legs girl .

The application has an extremely simple and intuitive interface Buy steroids in USA at online. All the main work takes place on the main screen with a list of exercises. Even if you have never worked with such mobile programs, it will take you a few minutes to master it.

There is also a minimum of useful settings. You set the dubbing parameters for training, choose the language and metric units. We also recommend setting reminders so you don’t miss an exercise. The butt, legs, and even the back and shoulders in a few days will begin to get in shape only if you strictly observe the training schedule.

exercises for the legs and hips

Booty and Leg Exercises

Bodymaster recommends a selection of basic exercises that you can use at any time, depending on the circumstances of the day, at home or in the gym. Full list of our buttock exercises can be found in the exercise database.

Butt exercises at home

First of all, we will consider exercises on the ass with your weight. To warm up, we recommend that you do "Bridge" 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Buttock Bridge



Exercise technique "Bridge":

Then can do "Swings back with bent leg" from a prone position or "Mahi" from a standing position. For health, we also recommend 2 sets of 15-20 repetitions. You should feel a slight muscle tension in the buttocks and resistance in the last repetitions of each set.

Swings back with bent leg



Exercise technique "Swings back with bent leg":




Exercise technique "Mahi":

In conclusion, the warm-up, for additional complication, you can consider the exercise "Bridge on one leg" Safe Steroid Store. Perform it slowly 10-12 times on each leg.

Bridge on one leg



Exercise technique "Bridge on one leg":

Next, we move on to the main exercises.


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A good starting exercise would be "Self-weighted lunges". It develops coordination and involves both the front and back of the thigh. Do 3 sets of 15-20 reps (steps) on each leg.

Self-weighted lunges





Exercise technique "Self-weighted lunges":

Next, a good exercise would be "Weightless Squats" deeply developing both the buttocks and quadriceps. We recommend gradually increasing the number of repetitions in one set. For well-being, start from 10-12 in one set and gradually increase to 25-30. Only 3 sets in one workout. For complication at home, you can use rubber or dumbbells.

Weightless Squats



Exercise technique "Weightless Squats":

The final in this series of exercises will be "Half squat jumping". They will allow you to load your muscles in an optimal way. Do them until the legs are slightly squeezed, for example, for 25-30 seconds.

Jumping forward in a semi-squat



Exercise technique "Half squat jumping":

After completing the exercises, do not forget about the importance of hitch and stretch marks after any workout. Allow her at least 10-15 minutes. You will be surprised how fresh your buttocks will be the next day and will certainly thank you at the next training session showing the best results and progress.

Butt exercises in the gym

For best results, we recommend training in the sports hall. The right atmosphere and a wide selection of equipment will do the job and you will progress much faster. Read how to pump ass girl on our site, add workouts and favorites leg exercises to your personal account and train with pleasure.

In the end, we offer you a playlist "10 best buttock exercises for women" from our youtube channel.


Returning to the Buttocks application in 30 days, perhaps its main drawback is obsessive advertising that cannot be disabled - the paid version is not provided here. There is also a small claim to voice support. The fact is that the voice acting is not recorded additionally, but is reproduced using speech-to-text technology - the electronic “voice” simply reproduces the text of the instruction, with chopped pauses and without intonations. By the way, make sure that this technology is connected in the system settings of your smartphone. The rest is a great option to start training, it’s not so important what kind of exercises for the priests and legs you choose, the basis of your progress should be the regularity of training, proper nutrition and, necessarily, recovery.

And as a bonus, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the complete guide how to pump up the buttocks for girls on our website and an example of training to strengthen the buttocks and hips.

The Bodymaster team wishes you successful work with your buttocks UK Steroids for Bodybuilding. Start now, and within a few days you will notice how your legs and buttocks become more chiseled and sculpted. Have a nice workout!

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