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For training to be effective, you need to do a variety of exercises and constantly increase the number of repetitions. For example, today you squat 10 times, tomorrow 15, the day after tomorrow 20, and after a week you generally replace this exercise with lunges. Not sure how to come up so many exercises?

Add unusual exercises to the basic ones and you will notice the result!

1. The leg lift


Lie on your back, rest your feet on the floor, put your hands along the body Buy steroids in USA at online. Lift your straight leg up Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. Tear the pelvis off the floor, slowly lift it up, without tearing the shoulder blades.After lower the basin to the floor. 15 reps Then do the exercise with the other leg. You can put a dumbbell on the pelvis, as in the photo.

2. Lift your legs to the side, standing on your knee


Get on your knees, put your right hand on your hip, bend to the left side, lean on your left palm. Straighten your right leg, take it to the side and lift up. Do 20 reps then with the other leg.

3. Leading the legs back


Put your feet shoulder width apart Safe Steroid Store. Take dumbbells in your hands, hold your palms opposite each other at hip level. From this position at the same time take your straight leg back, spread your arms to the sides until fully extended. Return to starting position. Do15 reps for each leg.

4. Jump Squats


Put your feet shoulder width apart. Sit down a bit, put your hands back Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. From this position, start raising your hands up, while jumping. After the jump, sit down again and pull your hands back. Perform 20 repetitions.

5. Kick


Get on all fours, put your hands on your elbows. Pull the foot toward you, raise your foot and bend it to the angle is 90 degrees. Then straighten your leg completely and place it back on the floor.

Look at these summer photos and imagine how you look gorgeous on the beach Steroids Direct Australia. Try now to feel at a height later.

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