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How to quickly pump up the buttocks at home

Want to pump your buttocks without leaving your home, but don’t know how to achieve this? For a list of the best exercises for buttocks at home, see this article.

The title of the article is maximally advertising and simply “screams” that it’s worth reading ? Of course, I would call it somehow more modestly, but about hypertrophy of the gluteal muscles, for example, few people will want to read, because not everyone knows that this is the same as the girls usually mean by the question: “How to quickly increase the ass at home?”.

Since, from the point of view of anatomy, there is no such part of the body as the “butt”, but there are quite decent-sounding “buttocks,” nevertheless, with your permission, I will use this term more often.

About buttock anatomy and structure I already wrote full material. Now it remains to write how to bring this “anatomy” into a “proper form”. And, as I suppose, many in this place will add: “preferably at home, without extra equipment, and even better without extra effort óñèëèé I can’t guarantee you the implementation of the last point, but the two previous ones are quite real.

Top secrets for buttock training at home

In principle, there is only one secret and, to be honest, it’s not a secret at all, but an obvious fact Genuine steroids. But about him, for some reason, too often forget.

Everything is simple: if you want to build your buttocks, then download the BUTTERFLY. Neither legs nor back, but buttocks. The most common mistake is to perform the exercise at the expense of other muscles or for other muscles. For example, you decided at all costs to increase the buttocks at home and began to squat with frantic zeal (well, if right). But during training, you feel mainly quadriceps (the front of the thigh) and the next day your legs also hurt most of all. So you train for several weeks ... or months ... Then you start to squat with dumbbells or some other kind of weight, because everyone knows - to increase the buttocks in volume you need to squat with weight. After some time, you may notice that the quadriceps has noticeably changed, but the “butt” is far from being “as beautiful” as we would like. You might even say that you “rocked” your legs, which you don't like at all. So you will come to the main question that worries most girls who have ever wanted to perfect the “rear view”:

How to increase the buttocks without swinging your legs?

The answer was already: do exercises that involve, first of all, the buttocks. So, for example, most types of squats (not all !!! but most) emphasize the main load on the legs. For this reason, I believe that squats are far from the most effective tool for training the buttocks. I’m not saying that you don’t need to do them at all, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t focus on them.

There are many isolating exercises for the buttocks, which will make an invaluable contribution to the formation of your figure.

Exercises to increase buttocks at home

Below I list the exercises for the gluteal muscles, which, in my opinion, are well suited for training at home and do not require bulky equipment.

Of course, this list is not final and not the only possible one. Rather, these are my favorite exercises and the most used in the format of home training Buy steroids in USA online shop. Since the number of existing exercises is huge, I am sure this is not the last selection for training buttocks at home, which I will publish.

1. Lunges

Lunges, from my point of view, are a very good solution for training the gluteal muscles. Among other things, during this exercise I noted one important feature: performing lunges helps to “lift” the buttocks, to make them taller.

But there is one caveat - the technique of execution. There are many of its options, and very often, in lunges, the emphasis is on the quadriceps. Therefore, your task is that when performing lunges, you learn to feel the gluteal muscles. So you “kill two birds with one stone”: you can not only increase the buttocks at home, but also work out the quadriceps well. Those. In any case, the quadriceps is involved in this exercise, but it will depend on the technique whether it is the “first violin” or “second”.

There are many variations of attacks. Below are some of the most used and effective, in my opinion. Exercises are presented in order of increasing complexity. And do not forget, please, that a detailed description of the execution technique is located below each video.

Lunges on the spot

Alternating lunges forward

Lunges with dumbbells in place

Lunges forward / backward / sideways

2. Lift the pelvis (gluteal bridge)

This exercise is insulating. And this means that all your efforts will definitely be concentrated in the “right place”. As with lunges, there are a lot of options for lifting the pelvis (or, in other words, the gluteal bridge), but they are all effective. In the video below, execution is shown including using a bench on the street and a special box in the gym. But nothing prevents you from using any of the pieces of furniture as a support, for example, a bed or a chair.

Lift the pelvis (gluteal bridge) lying on the floor

Lift the pelvis lying on the floor (feet together)

Gluteal bridge on the bench

Raising the pelvis with emphasis on the box

Raising the pelvis against the drawer with legs

Raising the pelvis with one foot on a box

Elasticated pelvic leg lift

3. Steps on the pedestal

This exercise is not so often performed, but its effectiveness for buttock augmentation, in my opinion, is undeniable Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. If you perform it correctly, then the buttocks, in the literal sense, will burn hellishly. My customers just hate stepping on a pedestal because it is really very hard. But the effect is excellent. Use as a support any stable surface of the house, on the street or in the hall. As you adapt, the height of the support can be increased.

Steps on a curbstone (box) with one foot for buttocks

4. Foot Machs

All kinds of leg swings and abductions are the most popular exercises for “priests”, which probably every girl knows. But there are also many variations. And although many are skeptical of such exercises, they really work. And if it’s too easy for you to do it, just put on an elastic tape at the hips of the degree of elasticity suitable for you and the load will increase significantly.

Swings back with bent leg

Leverage the bent leg to the side

Mahi straight leg in an arc

Mahi with bent leg with elastic band

5. Raising legs from the bar on straight arms

This exercise is definitely not easy and involves not only the buttocks, but also many other muscles, including the abs. So much the better ?

Alternately raising legs from the bar on straight arms

Raising legs from the bar in straight arms

How to quickly increase buttocks at home

It would be more correct to ask: HOW quickly can I increase the buttocks at home?
Before answering this question, it’s better to clarify some nuances so that it doesn’t turn out that I, for example, promised you a super effect for a month, but you did not receive it.

Firstly, all these exercises are really aimed at giving the buttocks tone and rounding, but if you are by nature a very thin physique and it has always been difficult for you to gain weight, then these exercises will most likely not give you an impressive effect. If you belong to this category of people, then in order to increase your “butt” with the help of exercises, you need to do it very hard, with a big burden. Those. it is best to do this within the gym, as there is a large selection of equipment and equipment for strength training.

The same applies to people who want to “pump up” truly “impressive forms”. You also need to deal with additional weights, as this is the only way (in combination with a certain type of nutrition) to achieve significant muscle growth.

But if you want to improve the appearance of the buttocks, to give them roundness and elasticity, then these exercises with regular training will have the necessary effect. You will really notice significant changes. How fast? I think that if you will carry out a workout of at least 6 exercises from this list in 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions twice a week with a break of several days, then 80% of you will see the difference in a month.

Try to have at least one option from each group of exercises described above present in your workout. For example, one option for lunges, one option for lifting the pelvis, etc. Choose from them variations that match your level of preparation, combine exercises, try more complex variations and the result will not be long in coming. The main thing to remember is that during exercise you should feel your buttocks. If this is not the case, then you need to adjust the execution technique.

Nutrition for buttock augmentation

So, what kind of nutrition do you need for buttock growth? In any fitness publication, and on this site, too, at least once you “run into” information that in order for the muscles to grow (which is exactly what is meant by the phrase “increase the ass”), a surplus is needed, i.e. an excess of calories Buy Steroids Online in UK. This is an “iron” rule and it is undeniable. On the other hand, it is known that in order to lose weight, on the contrary, a deficit is needed, i.e. lack of calories. Which also does not cause logical inconsistencies. But here's the catch, most girls want to lose weight and pump up their buttocks at the same time. Once again I clarify that for the first process you need a lack of calories, and for the second excess. And it is clear that these two processes cannot proceed simultaneously. Therefore, on the one hand, information is absolutely true that it is impossible to lose weight and pump up the buttocks at the same time.

But this is if you think big, or if you consider the issue in terms of fitness and bodybuilding as a professional sport. Those. if your goal is to significantly increase the buttocks and in general gain muscle mass, then you must first work out with weights for some time and at the same time eat with a calorie surplus (and priority on carbohydrates in the ratio of BJU), and then (if necessary) for a certain period of time to get rid of excess fat, which is likely to appear during the previous period, since it is impossible to “force” all the calories we received are used only for muscle growth. Most often, along with them, the percentage of fat in the body will increase.

The same path applies to the example from the previous chapter: if you are very thin, then to gain weight (in our case, increase the gluteal muscles) you need to eat with a significant excess. Although it is entirely possible that you do not need to lose weight later, and a small increase in the percentage of fat in the body, along with an increase in muscle mass, will only benefit you. But there are few such “lucky ones”. What is still to be done by those who want at the same time lose weight and increase the volume of the buttocks?

The fact is that basically girls under the phrase “pump up the ass” still DO NOT mean “pump up the ass of enormous size”, but simply want to improve its shape and give it roundness. And it is precisely this effect that is quite possible to achieve with the exercises listed above. Because in any case, when the muscle works regularly (this means that you “exercise” it regularly) it improves its shape, acquires tone and elasticity.

I have periods when for several months in a row I mainly practice at home or on the street and, accordingly, without exercise equipment Steroids for Dogs and Cats in California. And with such training, I get the desired effect for the buttocks even when my main goal is to lose some weight. Therefore, I am 100% sure that this works. Based on my own training, I developed a home training program "Pump the ass without leaving home."

I sincerely hope that this material helped you answer the question “how to increase the buttocks at home” and dispelled possible myths or misunderstanding of some aspects of this topic.

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