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The best exercises for the perfect butt

Do you want to have a perfect ass? Marina Abramova, personal trainer of a fitness club Terrasport Copernicus, specially for we have developed a super-efficient set of exercises Anabolic Steroids for Sale. Repeat for us!

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The best exercises for & nbsp; perfect priestsGetty images

Exercise 1 Order Steroids Online. Squats

Starting position: standing, legs wider than shoulders natural turn of the feet, tense press flat back dumbbells on shoulders.

Final position: sit down to thigh parallels with the floor sweep body weight on heels with minimum tilt of the case forward.
Avoid moving your knees to center control your back straight.

Exercise 2 Buy Steroids Online in USA. Lunges

Starting position: standing, the back leg is raised in emphasis even hips shoulders tense press flat back dumbbells in hands.

Final position: go down to thigh parallels with floor on working leg angle in knee joint - 90 degrees, body weight on heel.
Avoid moving your knee forward foot.
Repeat with with the other leg.



Exercise 3 Anabolic Steroids Online in UK. Slopes with dumbbell


Starting position: standing, one leg is on back toe flat back tense press dumbbells in hands.

Final position: bend to body parallels with the floor feel the tension of the buttocks and hips back on supporting leg stretch your dumbbells to the floor.

Avoid bending your shoulders and hips control your back straight.
Repeat with with the other leg.

Exercise 4 UK Steroids for Bodybuilding. Hip abduction

Starting position: standing on one leg the dumbbell is sandwiched between the lower leg and hip, hold your hand for equilibrium. 

Final position: take your hip with clamped dumbbell exactly in side before angle of 45 degrees and sensations of tension in buttock keep the body upright. Avoid rocking the case in side.
Repeat with with the other leg.

Exercise 5. Lips hips lying

Starting position: lying on back one leg is bent the second is elongated dumbbells on hips.

Final position: push off with your bent leg and squeeze your buttock rise above the floor directing the straight leg up.
Avoid lifting the chassis high. 
Repeat with with the other leg.

Exercise 6. Extension with dumbbell

Starting position: standing on knees forearm support tense press flat back, dumbbell sandwiched between the leg and thigh. 

Final position: lift your foot with dumbbell top before sensations of tension in buttock, keep your lower back flat.
Avoid warping the chassis in side.
Repeat with with the other leg.

The whole complex must be performed 2-3 times a week do at least 15 each exercise, maximum - 20 times.

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