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10 exercises for hands at home - create a shape together

Hand exercises at home for women is almost a sacred topic, a lot of videos wander about it on the network, because it is the fair sex that has the weakest part.

Lack of physical activity leads to disgusting folds and a lack of body relief.

We have selected for you the most effective exercises that will tone your hands, make them taut, do not add unnecessary massive forms, which beginners are so afraid of.


Exercises for beautiful hands at home for women to lose weight - we train steel biceps

Many ladies are afraid that the result of exercise will be "pumping", bloating of veins and masculinity.

Dont worry, this is another common myth in the sporting world. It is very physiologically difficult for a woman to build up large muscle mass.

In this process, the hormonal background plays an active role.

That is why professional bodybuilders, who decided to put femininity on the block of sport, take steroids for muscle transformation.

Your result will be chic, tightened arms with a high margin of endurance and well-developed muscles without fat.

It is better to start any exercises for hands at home for women by looking at the corresponding photos in order to have approximate information about the structure and location of the muscles.

This will help to understand which zones should be felt during practice.

When training at home, you can easily improve your arms

When training at home, you can easily improve your arms

Here is an example of a basic workout:

one.   Exercise can be performed standing or sitting. If you have a sore back, avoid over-exertion. Take dumbbells in your hands and begin to bend at the elbow. Movements must be performed simultaneously. If you will perform each hand in turn, do not strain the body so as not to swing, imagine that you hammer nails with your hands, like a hammer. This exercise is called a hammer. It is better to do movements emphasized slowly, feel the growing tension.

2.   Stand upright, take dumbbells in your hands Steroids Direct Australia. Put your palms forward. Do not throw them on your chest, but bring them to this zone, otherwise the load from the biceps will immediately decrease, and our goal is to increase tension. Keep your back straight throughout the process. If your weight is too big, do hand exercises at home without dumbbells. A good alternative is half-liter sand bottles.

3.   Sit on a chair or stool. Take a dumbbell in your right hand and spread your legs. Wrap your elbow against the inside of your thigh. When moving up - exhale, down - inhale. Lock the shoulder in space. Try not to swing from the chosen weight, this negatively affects the amplitude.

four.   Lean on a sofa or sit back on a chair. Take the sand bottles with the palms turned inward. On inspiration, bend your hands alternately towards yourself, into the shoulder area, turn the brushes outward. This exercise in parallel improves the elasticity of muscle fibers.

There are plenty of exercises that pump muscle

Exercise, pumping muscles, there is a mass. Choose the ones that are right for you

Tip: exercises for hands at home for women with pictures do not always correctly convey the essence of training, its better to watch the video and learn.

Hand exercises with dumbbells for women at home - create taut triceps

This is the most problematic area of ??the hands. It is in the triceps that fat deposits accumulate, the skin stretches and hangs ugly.

We immediately warn: to see exercises for the hands at home for women in the picture and to do them in reality are two different things. Exercising triceps is a particularly difficult task for beginners.

For maximum effect, workouts should be regular

For maximum effect, workouts should be regular

Remember, it is better to start work immediately to achieve results more quickly:

one.   Stand with your back to the chair, rest your palms on the surface. Bend your knees and do back push-ups using empty space. The next step is to straighten your legs. The technique is the same: easily touch the fifth point to the floor, but do not sit down Anabolic Steroids for Sale. The most difficult variation: take two chairs. Put your hands on one, the ankles on the other and push up. For extreme sportsmen: put a heavy object on your hips and continue training.

2.   Lean forward, buttocks pull back Steroid Shop UK. Holding your hands to the body, bend them and take the clamped dumbbell back. At the peak point, the biceps area is parallel to the floor, not higher and not lower. The elbows should not walk, watch for their clear fixation, otherwise the efficiency will drop. Exercise can be done while standing or resting your knee and hand on the bed. When doing hand exercises at home that are designed for women, compare your body movements with photos of proven popular resources.

3.   Lie with your feet on the floor. Take the sand bottles in your hands, straighten them, slightly tilting back (towards the head). Slowly bend at the elbows at the temple level and quickly straighten. Do not breed dumbbells too wide. The elbows are parallel to each other. At the bottom, keep them near your temples. Exhale on the rise, inhale on the descent.

four.   Sit down and take the bottle in your hand. Lift it above your head. Place your left on your stomach to keep your body still. Point the brush down and inhale. Press your head to your hand. Focus on triceps.


After a few weeks of intensive training, you will see the first results

Tip: it is impossible to make the body burn fat locally, in a certain place, but a full load on the main muscle groups will start a productive process of fat burning. Go in for sports more often!

We bring to the ideal of the forearm - an effective sports set

This zone develops poorly for the first six months of training, so there is no point in specifically focusing on it.

It is enough to simply perform the above exercises.

Later, when you bring the body into proper shape, training your forearms will become easier.

So the natural proportions are preserved, the power indicators are improved.

You can perform hand exercises at home for women using the video, but remember that without dumbbells, such workouts will not be effective.

Hardest to Inflate Forearm

Hardest to Inflate Forearm

Inflating the forearm is difficult, but achievable if you invest 100% of your strength in the exercises:

one.   Kneel near the bench, place your elbows and forearms on it. Take something heavy and, lowering the brushes down, pull them back. You kind of swing the dumbbells with your wrists alone, dropping them almost at your fingertips. Be careful not to damage the tendon! With a lot of weight, such exercises can not be done. As a stand, you can use your own knees.

2.   You will need a heavy steel stick that simulates a barbell bar. Sit down and grab it with a grip on top. Extend the brushes up and down. Keep your forearms on your knees Top Legal Steroids. Such movements simultaneously strengthen the joints of the wrist.

3.   If you have a crossbar at home, the time has come: when you weigh on the crossbar, all the muscles of the hands are worked out perfectly. Start your workout with thirty seconds and continue to increase the time.

four.   Stand on your feet, after taking the dumbbells with a grip on top. Raise and lower your hands, touching your shoulders. Rise is accompanied by inhalation, decline - by exhalation.

Tip: if during a training session you feel dizzy, do not postpone classes until the next time. This indicates a sharp decrease in pressure. It happens. Just drink a glass of sweet juice.

Do not worry if you feel unwell during your first lessons.

Do not worry if you feel unwell during your first lessons. Your body is not yet used to new loads.

10 levels of push-ups according to Paul "Trainer" Wade

There is no more effective exercise for the hands than push-ups. Another thing is that not everyone possesses this ability, and among women, in general, few.

Paul "Trainer" Wade spent in prison for more than twenty years.

During this period, he developed an incredibly effective training program with its own weight.

A special place in it is occupied by push-ups as the best general strengthening exercise for arms, shoulders and the whole body.

He divided the beginners path to the champion into 10 levels.

Thus, the load is distributed smoothly, it is very convenient to engage in the methodology. No wonder Paul's book Training Area has become a bestseller.


Better push-ups can only be push-ups according to Wade

First level

Stand facing the wall and rest your palms on it.

Put your feet together Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. Bend your arms and lightly touch your forehead to the wall.

This level is well suited to people after operations and injuries. Perform three circles of twenty-five repetitions.

Second level

Find an item half your height. The main thing is that it stands securely or is attached to the wall and does not break in the process.

It could be:

one.   High chair

2.   Table

3.   The back of a chair or sofa

Put your hands on it and touch it with your chest. Hold for a short while and return to starting position.

Do a few laps of twenty repetitions.


Newbie Push-Up Option

Third level

Get on your knees, keep your back straight. Cross your legs, straighten your arms.

Bend them until there is no more space between you and the floor, no more than a fist. Perform two series of push-ups fifteen times.

Fourth level

Get on your knees, rest your hands on the floor, put a ball under your hips, then straighten up on your hands.

The back should be flat. Bend your elbows until you reach the level of the ball. A good result is two sets of twelve times.

Fifth level

Now replace the soccer ball with a tennis one. Press on even hands so low to touch his stomach.

Keep your feet constantly together. This stage works great pectoral muscles.

Hereinafter, up to the ninth circle, perform two approaches twelve times each.


Your ideal goal is to learn to push up on one arm

Sixth level

The position of the body is similar to the previous stage, but now the fingertips should touch each other.

From this moment begins the development of push-ups on the hands in turn.

Seventh level

Continuing the basic push-ups, put a basketball under one of the hands and distribute the weight evenly.

The most difficult thing is to maintain a balance and not slip. Bend your elbows to the same level for both hands.

Eighth level

Accept the starting position of the fourth stage. Lean with one hand, and get the other behind your back.

You should have a soccer ball in your pelvis. If at the same time the whole body is twisted, it is too early to resort to such an exercise.

Ninth level

Move the ball to the side at arm's length and place it on top. Do push-ups without touching the floor with your stomach and holding the ball so that it does not roll.

Tenth level

You can be congratulated! Now you are able to do push-ups on one arm. Do two circles of ten repetitions and above.

Too complicated? Return to the ninth and walk up to thirty times.

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