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17 cool hand exercises

Strengthen the deltoid muscles that are responsible for the beauty of the shoulders, and at the same time working on the muscles of the arms, back and press.

How to do

1. You will need 3-5 kg ??dumbbells, 4-6 kg weights and elastic tape.

2. You can do all the exercises in a row: perform each 1 time, by 12 repetitions.

2. Or select 3-5 exercises and integrate them at your training program: perform each 3 times, each 12-15 reps per every lap.

3. In exercises that are performed while standing, watch out for body position and feet: feet on the width of the pelvis, not bend strongly in lower back and strain the press to release stress backs.

1. Superman swimmer


Lie on belly, straight arms with tear off dumbbells from gender and arrange by sides, near the hips. Put your hands forward to head, then, not dropping on gender, get behind your back. This is one replay.

Option: exercise can be performed without additional equipment.

2. Broach


Keep your arms straight with weight in front of you below. Gently lift the projectile up to about chin, then slowly lower your hands down. This is one replay.

Keep track of the deltoid muscles that cover the shoulder joints - they should work in this exercise.

3. Bench Press Arnold


Keep your arms bent with dumbbells in front of you on shoulder level, palms to to myself Safe Steroid Store. Raise your hands up, spreading your palms from yourself. Then lower them way down. This is one replay.

4. Lifting dumbbells through the sides


Arrange a little bent in elbows hands with dumbbells near the hips. Spread your arms in side up position parallel to floor, keep your shoulders down. This is one replay.

What do you train more often?

Start of form

There is nothing more important than buttocks. Only arms and back.

End of form

5. Lifting dumbbells in front of you


Straight arms with keep dumbbells near the hips. Pick them up in front of you shoulder level and then slowly lower it down. This is one replay.

Lightweight option: raise your hands alternately.

6. Dumbbell bench press up


Position bent in elbows hands in front of you on shoulder level. Raise both hands up, linger in top point on a couple of seconds and lower them way down Anabolic Steroids Australia. This is one replay.

7. Dumbbell bench press with one hand up standing on the knee


Get down on right knee, put your left foot forward leading steroids for sale. Right hand with bend with a dumbbell elbow and keep in front of you shoulder level. Raise your hand up and then lower down, hold the body in level position. This is one replay.

First work one hand, and then switch sides.

8. Lifting dumbbells through the sides in tilt


Lean forward to angle of 45 degrees: take the pelvis back, while not bend your legs hard knees. Straight arms with place dumbbells in front of you. Behind muscle tension count in area of ??the shoulder blades (imagine that you need to hold a pencil between them) spread your arms into parties and up. AND then lower them way down. This is one replay.


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9. Breeding hands with ribbon


Hold your hands with tape in front of you parallel to the floor. Then strain them and breed in different sides by pulling the tape. Then bring your hands back together. This is one replay.

10. Dumbbell bench press over head


Bend your arms with dumbbells in elbows on shoulder level and breed in side. Hold them parallel to the floor. Press up and come back. This is one replay.

11. The rotation of the forearm in side


Take a dumbbell in right hand and bend her at elbow at right angles. Hold your elbow to torso, take your forearm to side and return back. This is one replay.  

First work one hand, and then switch sides.

12. Circular motion


Spread your straight arms with dumbbells in side. Make small circular motions forward Order Steroids Online. Single rotation - one repeat.

13. Dumbbell Turns


Straight arms with lift the dumbbell in front of you, to parallels with the floor. Turn the dumbbell to the right and to the left, as if turning the steering wheel of a car.

14. Bench press with one hand up standing


Bend your right hand with weight on shoulder level and pick her up up. Linger in top point on 2 seconds and bend your hand back. This is one replay.

First work one hand, and then switch sides.

15 Buy Anabolics in USA. The rise and breeding hands in sides with ribbon


With your left foot, take a small step forward and stand on one end of the tape, take the other in arms. Raise your straight arms with tape up to shoulder level and at top point bred them in side. Then lower your hands down. This is one replay.

16. Abduction of the arm with tape in side


Stand with your left foot on one end of the tape, take the other in right hand. Bend it slightly elbow and take to side up Position parallel to the floor, then lower down. Keep track of so that the housing does not turned around. This is one replay.

First work one hand, and then switch sides.

17. Plank with shoulder touch


Stand in bar on straight arms. Touch alternately with the right hand of the left shoulder and vice versa. Hold the body and the pelvis is parallel to the floor. Make 12-15 touches of each shoulder.

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