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7 hand exercises with quick results

Do you know what saggy “wings” are on your hands that flutter in the wind every time you wave in greeting to guests who make you wear sweatshirts with long sleeves even in summer? Alas, even the best representatives of the beautiful half of humanity face this problem Buy steroids in USA online shop. What to do? Trust the advice of star coach David Kirsch.

how to raise your hands

First, drop the excuses

Before we begin to improve our hands, let's look at the myths that keep us from doing fitness.

Caution: myth! If I train my hands, they will become large.

This is a very popular excuse, says David. Women think that grabbing barbells and dumbbells will turn into Arnold's Skirt. No, no and NO. Kirsch explains: “The female body is not capable of building muscle like the male. And if you don’t have any genetic characteristics, you simply don’t have that level of testosterone in your body to turn into a “roll”. ”

Caution: another myth! If I stop exercising, my muscles will turn into fat.

Not again. “If you don’t do fitness in the same volume, you can gain fat mass, but not because before that you had developed muscles,” notes Kirsch.

Rate the situation

To put your hands in order, “evaluate your body condition and set achievable goals,” David advises. Women with advanced problems need to increase the number of repetitions of exercises in one session Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. Kirsch also advises increasing the intensity of cardio classes. But it’s not worth taking heavier dumbbells, he warns: more weight does not mean faster results.

For women with thin arms, Kirsch advises push-ups as the fastest way to increase hand strength. You should start with 5 push-ups per session, gradually increasing their number.

Required Inventory

Dumbbells. Kirsch advises starting with dumbbells weighing 1.5-3.5 kg. No dumbbells? Do not rush to relax, take a bottle of water in each hand - and for work!

Gym ball (fitball). If your height is from 150 cm to 165 cm, choose a ball with 45 cm in diameter Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. With growth from 165 to 180 cm, you need a ball with 55 cm in diameter, above 180 cm - 65 cm.

Perform each exercise with 15-20 repetitions in 2-3 sets per session at least.

Exercise number 1: Perfect push-ups

David Kirsch advises to forget everything that you know about push-ups from the time of school, and learn to do them in a new way.

one.     Do the exercise in front of the mirror to check and adjust your back position. Palms should be strictly under the shoulders. Tighten your back while your neck and shoulders are relaxed.

2.     Make the main emphasis on the work of triceps, performing push-ups, feel how they strain. Your body from shoulders to feet should be even and tight, strictly parallel to the floor at the time of bending your arms.

Exercise # 2: Bends

one.     Take your shoulder blades and keep your elbows back at waist level. The back should be tightened, the knees relaxed.

2.     Having taken the right position, just strain your biceps. On let the shoulders move forward.

Exercise # 3: Spiderman Pushups

one.     Get in the starting position of "perfect push-ups."

2.     Pull your right arm forward as far as possible, bend your left leg to the side and pull it to your chest Genuine steroids. Do push-ups.

3.     Return to starting position.

four.     Repeat the exercise with the opposite arm and leg.

Exercise # 4: Throw Back

one.     Stand straight, take a dumbbell in one hand and bend the opposite leg, bending the torso by 45 °.

2.     Bend your arm with a dumbbell at your elbow.

3.     Bend your arm back, moving only part of your arm between your elbow and wrist.

Exercise # 5: Squats on the arms

one.     Put your hands on a chair or bench. Keep your back straight, stretch your legs parallel to the floor and place your feet on the fitball.

2.     Keep your buttocks close to the bench, push your shoulder blades back and squat, bending your elbows.

Exercise # 6: Shadow Boxing

one.     Put your feet at shoulder level, relax your knees, bring your arm forward, as if boxing.

2.     Alternate direct punches with uppercuts, causing a blow from the bottom up.

Add dumbbells to the exercise to increase intensity.

Cardio training

“All the push-ups and dumbbell exercises in the world will not help you achieve your goal if you do not pay attention to cardio training,” Kirsch says. Moreover, you need to fully approach this part of your fitness program: 45 minute lessons 3-5 times a week Order Anabolic Steroids Online. What do we have to do:

one.     Run on a treadmill 2500 m at maximum speed.

2.     Spend 15 minutes on the stairs.

3.     And another 15 minutes on the exercise bike of the shoulder girdle.

Do not go to the gym? No reason to refuse cardio training. All you need for this is a jump rope. What can be done outside the gym:

one.     15 minutes of jumping rope.

2.     15 minutes of running on the spot or on the street.

3.     15 minutes walk up the stairs.

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