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7 weight loss exercises

We spend so much effort on a beautiful abs and elastic buttocks, but we persistently forget about our hands. We bet on beautiful biceps to look elegant in any dress with straps.


Making hands lose weight is no less difficult than removing fat from the lower abdomen. In both cases, extra effort is required. A bit of theory: three main muscles are responsible for the relief of the hands - biceps (anterior biceps), triceps (posterior triceps) and deltoid muscle of the shoulder Steroid Shop №1 in Australia. Sagging arms are usually the result of underdeveloped triceps Steroids UK Shop. It is believed that biceps is the easiest to pump, while other muscles are more difficult to develop. In a sense, it is - biceps is more involved in daily activities, while triceps and shoulders need to be pumped separately.

Many also mistakenly believe that you do not need to work on your hands separately, but rather the load that occurs during other exercises. In fact, it is not enough for the full development of muscles, and we highly recommend adding targeted hand exercises to your training routine, especially if the goal is to get rid of excess fat.



You can work on the muscles of the hands at home - the exercises are quite unpretentious, as well as auxiliary equipment. Basic set - dumbbells or expander. But in most cases, you can do without them, because the simplest and most universal exercise is push-ups.

Push ups good that at the same time with your hands you pump core and back. In addition, if you have a child in your arms, you can combine business with pleasure - put the baby on his back: he will be happy to ride on his mothers back, and for you this will serve as an additional weighting agent. If you do push-ups while sitting, leaning on a support behind your back, you can put the child on his knees.

In addition to push-ups, an excellent load on the hands gives strap Buy Steroids in UK. A tightened press and a strong back are included. So that the exercise does not get bored ahead of time, you can perform different types of trims - lateral, on the elbows, with lifts, jumps and so on.

Here are some key exercises to do at home.


The bar, as mentioned above, is an excellent exercise for pumping not only the abdomen, but also the muscles of the hands.


Different variations of push-ups contribute to excellent pumping of hands and the formation of their relief Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. If the standard push-ups seem boring, try to put your hands closer or even connect them together. This natural complication contributes to the development of triceps, chest and cortex.

Push-ups can be varied with burpee if you want to make the workout more diverse.

For beginners, you can do push-ups on your knees or on a support.


You will need support for this exercise.

Dumbbell Slopes



Again the bar, but nothing more efficient has been invented yet. If you are too lazy to pump the press, this is your chance at the same time to tighten your abdominal muscles.


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