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Anatomy of stretching in pictures - exercises for arms and legs

Alternate stretching of the fingers

anatomy of stretching in pictures

What muscles are stretched: extensor muscles that are involved in the work of the finger.

Performance. Stretching is performed for each finger separately. Grasp the fingertip with your other hand and gently bend it to your palm. In this case, the wrist should remain curved by approximately 90 degrees.

Comment. During the exercise, try to bend your wrists slightly each time you pull your finger Buy Steroids with Credit Card. This will slightly increase the tension, but be sure to remember that any stretching exercise should be slow and controlled.

Finger separation

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: palmar interosseous muscles, dorsal interosseous muscles of the thumb.

Performance. This exercise is recommended for musicians playing the flute, guitar, piano. Using your other hand, spread your fingers apart one by one, slightly pulling them to the side. Alternatively, place small rubber balls between your fingers and squeeze your palm slightly. Such small muscles, as, for example, palmar interosseous, respond very well to such exercise.

Comment. Some activities give a lot of stress to the fingers, requiring flexibility and mobility from them (playing some musical instruments, painting, surgery, typing a lot of text, and so on). Such a stretch will give the necessary rest and relieve tension from tired muscles and joints.

Abduction of arms with open elbow

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: long radial extensors of the wrist, muscles that divert the thumb of the hand (short and long).

Performance. It is advisable to perform this exercise while standing with the elbow fully extended. Extend your hand slightly forward, palm up, cover with the palm of the other hand on top and, keeping it in this position and slightly pressing on the thumb, pull the wrist towards you.

Comment. A straightened elbow allows you to work out all the target muscles, and not just those that are associated with the work of the thumb (they pass through both the elbow and the wrist).

Pronation of the arm with a straightened elbow

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: arch support, muscles that take away the thumb of the hand, extensor muscles of the thumb of the hand.

Performance. Like the previous one, it is advisable to perform this exercise while standing, the elbow should be fully extended. Pull your hand forward, turn your palm outward (as if you are going to pour water from a jug), grasp your thumb with your other hand and pull it slightly (this will increase the tension).

Comment. Stretching combines several movements, since usually these muscles are quite difficult to stretch due to the limited mobility of the bones. The pain in this exercise indicates that you have overdone it.

At first glance, this rotation is done at the expense of the wrist, but in fact the rotation is from the elbow. As a result of this, the forearm muscles are also included in the work.

Knee bending

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: quadriceps femoris.

Performance. Stand straight with your hand on the support for balance. Bend the knee and hold the working leg by the back surface of the medial part of the foot with the same hand, as shown in the illustration. Try to keep the thigh of the working leg on the same level with the support, the knees should also be on the same level Buy Steroids Online in Australia. The stronger you press on the foot, bringing the heel closer to the buttock, the stronger the tension will be.

Comment. During this exercise, the hips should not be bent, the body does not tilt. Leaving the thigh slightly back increases tension. Withdrawing the knee a little forward will shift the emphasis of stretching from long to lateral and medial muscles of the thigh.

Tibial stretch with bent knees

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: soleus muscles.

Performance. Stand straight and grasp the support with your hands. Put the foot of one foot at the base of the support, put the second (working) foot at a distance of a step. The knees of both legs should be bent. The foot of the working foot should be fully pressed to the floor. In this case, you should feel a slight tension in the soleus muscle, which is located under the calf. The degree of tension is regulated by the transfer of weight from one leg to another.

Comment. In this exercise, it is important to keep the knees of both legs constantly bent: this will allow you to stretch the soleus muscle well. In order to reach the point of maximum tension, carefully place the heel of the back (working) leg on the ground. The most common way to adjust the tension in this position is to bring the knee as close as possible to the support you are holding on to. The closer the knee is to the support (with the heel set on the ground), the stronger the stretch.

Tibial Stretch Sitting

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: gastrocnemius, soleus muscles and hip biceps.

Performance. Sit on the floor, one leg is straightened, the second is bent at the knee with the foot to the pelvis, the heel is located on the adductors of the working leg. Now you should seem to get your buttocks out from under you and slowly bend to the straightened leg, bending not in the lower back, but in the hip joints.

Comment. During the exercise, the head and body should remain in line, the stomach is pulled to the thigh, the crown extends to the side of the foot. The most common mistake is a flexion of the trunk in the lower back and a hunched back. It seems to you that you can lean closer to the leg, but in this case the wrong muscle group is stretched. Lean not so low, but correctly: try to put your stomach on your hip and keep your knee and back straight.

Hip Stretch

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: quadriceps femoris.

Performance. Sit on the floor so that the buttocks lie on the heels (preferably on a soft surface), then lean back, slightly spreading your hips, and try to lay the pelvis between the feet Safe Steroid Store. During this exercise, not only the quadriceps muscles are stretched, but also the hip flexors.

Comment. Some people are more comfortable when their feet are on the floor with their lifts down (the heels are looking up), while others are easier to maintain this position with their socks turned outward. If you have pain in the hip joints, feet, or knees, it is advisable to choose a different stretching option.


stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: iliopsoas muscles.

Performance. From a standing position, take a wide step without lifting your free leg off the floor. In this position, bend the front leg at the knee, transferring most of the weight to it Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale. The knee should not go beyond the foot. Slowly and carefully lower the body down (the pelvis tends to the floor). The lower you go, the stronger the tension in the muscles will be.

Comment. This simple exercise works very well on the hip flexors. For better balancing, you can lean your hands on your front leg or hold on to the bench, as it is maintaining balance that has a huge impact on the technique of stretching.

Hip stretching while lying down

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: large gluteal muscles.

Performance. Lie on your back, bend one leg at the knee and hug with both hands, trying to press it to your chest. The second leg remains stretched forward.

Comment. This exercise helps to stretch the gluteus maximus muscle well, and also affects the hip flexors of the elongated leg. If you do not have a very good stretch, the elongated leg will tear off a little from the floor. This should be avoided. One option is to put your foot under the lower section of the Swedish wall. Or you can ask your partner to help you and hold your foot.

Hip abduction standing

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: gluteal deltoids (superficial fibers of the gluteus maximus muscle and tensors of the broad fascia of the thigh).

Performance. Stand at a step away from the support and grab it with your hand, the second hand lies on its side. Take the leg closest to the support for the second and transfer the main body weight to it. Begin to slowly lower the body down and at the same time move the free leg slightly to the side.

Comment. You will feel the tension not only in the above muscles, the middle gluteus muscle of the supporting leg will also be included in the work.

A prerequisite for the correct implementation of this exercise is the vertical position of the spine, no bending to either side. You should feel the tension running along the entire lateral surface of the leg, from the hip to the knee.

Sitting foot stretch

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: long and short flexors of the toes.

Performance. Sit on the floor, straighten one leg (working leg), for the second choose a comfortable position Top Legal Steroids. Grasp the fingers of the working foot with your hand and pull them towards you (towards the tibia). In this case, the palm should cover most of the foot. If the knee of the working leg is straightened, the main tension will shift to the soleus and calf muscles, while the half-bent position provides a stretch of the flexors of the toes of the foot.

Comment. If you focus exclusively on stretching your fingers, not only short and long flexors of the fingers, but also vermiform muscles (muscles of the sole of the foot) will be included in the work. Therefore, it is advisable to perform all of these stretching options to make sure that as many muscles as possible are worked out.

Toe Separation

stretching anatomy

What muscles are stretched: muscles leading to the big toe, plantar interosseous muscles.

Performance. During this exercise, the fingers are separated one by one with the hand. This stretching will be especially useful for those who often bring their toes together due to too narrow shoes.

Comment. Inconvenient shoes harm the feet, making the fingers less mobile. As a result of this, problems are transmitted higher up the chain, and you can feel pain in the knee, thigh, or even the spine. Such a simple exercise, as the separation of the fingers, will help restore their mobility and give rest to tired muscles, which have been in an unnatural and very uncomfortable position for quite some time.

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