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Exercises that will sharpen your arms and back

To exercises brought a noticeable effect, it is important to combine them with proper nutrition. In addition, we must not forget about an active lifestyle: you need to try to walk more. Also effective for working out the back and arms is swimming in the pool. Thanks to swimming, it strengthens back, skin elasticity increases, excess weight is burned and mood rises!



Exercises that will sharpen your arms and back


Starting to do fitness, it should be remembered that not only the waist, legs and buttocks need to be improved, but also the arms and back. Even if these areas do not have excess body fat, they still require study to strengthen muscles. For this, there are special exercises that can be performed both in the sports center and at home.

Workout at home: arms and back exercises

Home fitness classes

Visit fitness centers require more time and money, but because this option is not to everyone's liking Buy Steroids in UK. In this case, you can give preference to classes at home. The disadvantage of this option is that it is more difficult to tune in to classes than in organized groups, and often laziness can take its toll.

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Choosing home workouts you need to prepare the following equipment:

You need to do fitness at least three times a week for 45-60 minutes. Before class, you must definitely warm up all the muscles, for example, after dancing for several minutes.

It is better to pay attention to all muscle groups in each workout, but allocating different days for a more detailed study of a specific area.For example, on Monday - legs and buttocks, on Wednesday - the press, on Friday - the back and arms.

For classes to be effective, you need to constantly progress, increasing the number of approaches, repetitions, adding new and more complex exercises.


Exercises that will sharpen your arms and back


A set of exercises for the back

Exercises for the back help strengthen her muscles and, at the same time, burn fat. And therefore, they must be performed regardless of whether there are extra pounds or not. Beginners are recommended the following set of exercises:

Step over it, then forward or backward Steroids store in UK. Do not relax the tape, it should be as tight as possible. In this case, after each step, it is necessary to level off, holding the tape at the level of the chest, then behind the back. The duration of the item is 3-5 minutes.

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Focus on the hands and raise the upper body, aligning the arms and arching the back. Hold it for a while and return to the original position Steroids UK Shop. Run at least 10 times. Over time, this exercise can be complicated by connecting the hands on the back of the head and bending without the help of hands.

Stretch the upper part of the body first to one foot, then to the second, then lean toward the center as much as possible (trying to lie on the floor), lingering in this position for several seconds. Perform 15 slopes in each position.

After that, bend them at the elbows and connect behind the back into the castle so that one elbow looks up, and the second - down. In this position, you need to pull your hands in different directions without opening. Swap hands and repeat the exercise.

Also effective exercises for the back are the slopesThis can be alternating bending of the body, first to one leg, then to the other, tilting to the sides, etc.



A set of exercises for the arms with dumbbells and an expander

With age, as well as after a sharp weight loss, the skin on the hands becomes flabby and sagging. It is very difficult to get rid of this problem without special exercises with dumbbells or other improvised means:

Do flexion and extension first with one hand, then with the other. In this case, the hand does not fully extend. When lifting up, the dumbbell is brought to the shoulder; when lowering, it is parallel to the floor Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. Perform 10-15 reps in 2 sets.

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The back does not bend, the legs are slightly apart, the feet on the floor. Tilt the body forward, rest your elbow on the knee. Take a dumbbell in the second hand. Raise and lower your hand with the shell at least 10 times, and then change sides.

Stand in the resulting loop. Lift straight arms to the sides, pulling the tape, and lingering at the top point for a while.

It is necessary to pull the tape, stretching the arms first forward and then back (10 times).

Raise the pelvis above the chair, straightening your arms and making them the main emphasis. Legs do not come off the floor. Repeat 10 times.

Press the ball with two hands for 10 seconds. Perform several approaches.

When exercising with dumbbells, you should remember that their weight should not be too large. For home fitness, shells of 1-1.5 kg are suitable.

Exercises that will sharpen your arms and back


Side exercises

Exercises for the back will help to give a figure of harmony, but do not forget that the sides and waist also require elaboration. For beginners, it is enough to apply the following set of exercises:

It can be of several types - plastic, aluminum, with sand, with bulges. If you regularly twist the hoop, increasing the duration of the lesson and using its increasingly complex forms, fat on the sides will never be your problem.

Make turns to the sides without moving your hips.

Perform tilts to the sides, reaching the knee with a brush Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. You can perform similar exercises with dumbbells.

In order for fitness to bring a noticeable effect, it is important to combine it with proper nutrition. In addition, we must not forget about an active lifestyle: you need to try to walk more. Also effective for working out the back and arms is swimming in the pool. Thanks to swimming, the back is strengthened, the elasticity of the skin is increased, excess weight is burned and the mood rises.

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