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Hand and forearm exercises


Plank - universal exercise for endurance and strengthening of almost all muscle groups. At first, it is better to do it under the supervision of a coach in order to adjust the position of the body, if necessary. 

“In addition to arms, the whole body works here. I recommend to perform the bar on outstretched arms. The palms should be under the shoulder joints, that is, shoulder width apart Buy Real Steroids Online. Task - to stretch in one line from the top of the head to the heels, keeping the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen and arms in tension ”, - explains Ivan Shadrin, coach of the Soul Rebel studio-format sports club. 

Two exercises with dumbbells

With proper use and regular training, dumbbells will eventually make your arms more embossed. It’s better to work with weight gradually, starting with one kilogram. “Dumbbell wiring in a standing position will help strengthen the middle deltas, that is, the muscles of the“ shoulders ” (in quotation marks because the shoulder is this is a section from the shoulder joint to the elbow, but the inhabitants call the shoulder joint the shoulder, which is anatomically incorrect). When performing the exercise, it is important not to squeeze the shoulders to the ears, not to lift the dumbbells above the shoulder joint, not to make jerks and to keep the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks in tension Buy Anabolics in USA. This will allow less sagging in the lower back, " - advises Ivan Shadrin.

“Another simple and effective exercise, but for triceps is the pull of dumbbells to the chin. To do this, take the dumbbells in both hands with a direct grip (that is, hold above yourself), put your feet shoulder width apart and slowly pull the dumbbells to the chin, spreading your elbows to the sides. Palms should not fall below the elbows ", - says Ilya Baskin, brand ambassador for Grow Food and vice champion of SZ classic bodybuilding. 


Two kinds of push ups

Known to everyone from physical education classes in the push-up school, they are no less popular than planks. Their starting position is similar. 

“You can do push-ups either from the knees or on straight legs, but the hands should be on a raised platform Steroids Australia Online. During push-ups, the elbows move along the body, thereby working the problem area of ??most girls - triceps. Push-ups are performed in the position of the strap, which means that the buttocks and abdominal muscles should be in tension, ” advises Ivan Shadrin. 

Push-ups, on the contrary, are recommended by Julia Ushakova, a Russian athlete (body fitness), Honored Master of Sports of Russia in bodybuilding, a master of sports of Russia of international class. “They are universal, since they involve several muscle groups at once and are considered the most energy-intensive. When they are regularly performed, a large number of calories are burned and the upper body comes in tone very quickly. We rest our hands on the bench, with our backs to it Buy Steroids Online in USA. We lower the case down, holding the pelvis as close to the bench as possible. Push the body up. Try not to spread your elbows to the sides, "- advises Julia. 

Standing Block Pull - Exercise on triceps 

This popular exercise is best done on the TRX multifunction fitness machine. “You need to put your feet shoulder width apart, pick up the rope handle and lean forward a bit. The elbows should be firmly pressed to the body, and only the forearms remain in motion. At the exit, you need to extend your arms, ”says Ilya Baskin. 

Vis on the horizontal bar

One of the easiest and most affordable simulators - horizontal bar. It strengthens the muscles of the hands, is useful for the spine and improves posture. 

“When hanging on the horizontal bar, it is important to hold onto the horizontal bar correctly: the grip should not be“ monkeys ”when the thumb is on the horizontal bar, but classic, as if you are holding a stick. Vis is enough to hold from 30 seconds to a minute Steroid Shop â„–1 in Australia. Try to lower your shoulders and shoulder blades as much as possible so as not to strain the neck muscles. These exercises will evenly strengthen the forearms and arms. ”

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