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Hand exercises without dumbbells

The muscles in the arms that do not give in to the load become flabby after a while, and excess fat makes this part of the body, to put it mildly, unattractive. In this case, you can forget about open clothing. There are simple but effective ones. hand exercises, which are performed at home without dumbbells at any time.

Of course, training without extra weight is not so effective, but with regular exercise you can achieve a good result.


Dumbbell Free Hand Exercises For Women

To get good results, it is recommended to exercise regularly and it is best to train three times a week.

    1. Circular movements with hands. Stand straight with your feet so that the distance between them is less than the width of the shoulders. Keep your hands on the sides, lifting them to parallel with the floor Safe Steroid Store. Perform slow circular motions Steroids for Sale Online. Note that the diameter of the circumscribed circles should not be more than one meter. Many people make the mistake of holding their breath, so keep that in mind. Perform the exercise for 15-20 seconds.

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    1. Classic push ups. This basic exercise for losing weight without dumbbells gives good exercise. Accept the emphasis lying, placing palms under the shoulders Steroid Shop UK. Perform push-ups, lowering the body as low as possible, by bending the arms at the elbows. At the end point, lock in position and straighten your arms. If it is difficult to perform the exercise on straight legs, then kneel down.

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    1. Push ups from the wall. Stand facing the wall so that it is about one step apart. Keep your legs together, and with your palms rest against the wall so that they are at chest level shoulder width apart. Lower the body against the wall, bending your elbows so that your forehead touches the wall Anabolic Steroids Australia. Return to the IP and try again.

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    1. Back push ups. For this exercise without dumbbells, sit on the floor and place your hands near the pelvis so that your fingers are pointing forward. Bend your legs so that the calves are perpendicular to the floor. Get down due to bending your elbows. Perform reverse push ups possible from the platform, for example, from a chair or bench.

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  1. Pullups. This exercise for arms without dumbbells is effective for working out biceps. Hang on the horizontal bar, holding it with a narrow grip. Tighten until the chest touches the bar leading steroids for sale. Hold on, and then slowly lower yourself down. In order to concentrate the load and not rock the body, it is recommended to bend your legs and cross them.

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