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Lifting the barbell for biceps. 8 options for basic arm exercises

All bodybuilders who can brag of big hands, surely carry out a lifting of a barbell on a biceps standing. For them, this is # 1 biceps exercise. But people whose hands are lagging behind in development also do a barbell lift in every workout. But big biceps, as it was not, is not. Here is a paradox. But before blaming the genetic potential and pharmacology, I suggest figuring out whether you are doing this basic hand exercise correctly? And maybe, if biceps does not grow, is it time to try out new barbell options? My story is dedicated to finding answers to these questions.


one.     Instead of joining ...

2.     Lifting the bar for biceps while standing

3.     Cheating barbell lift

four.     Scott's Bench Rise

five.     Lifting the bar for biceps while sitting

6.     Lifting the barbell to the biceps with the elbows laid back

7.     Lifting the bar for biceps, with the elbows in the chest. Biceps Isolator

eight.     Concentrated Biceps Lift with Barbell

9.     Lifting the bar for biceps while lying down

Instead of joining ...

If the question why biceps does not grow is asked by a professional trainer, then the phrase will almost always be the answer: do more basic exercises Genuine steroids. And it's not even that squats or deadlift are the best stimulants of the hormonal background, without which, as you know, muscle mass cannot be seen. Everything is much simpler.

Lifting the bar for standing biceps is the best exercise for the biceps. This is an axiom. The more weight you can lift in this basic hand exercise and then lower it only with bicep force, the greater its mass. But in order to work with a heavy barbell, while loading only hands and nothing more, you need strong core muscles. This is the name of the complex of muscles responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, hips and spine.

The main ones are the press, extensors of the back, biceps of the thigh and gluteal muscles. The strength and endurance of small assistant muscles is a determining factor in the effectiveness of the basic exercise for biceps, because if they are weak, it will not work to raise, hold and slowly lower the heavy barbell. That's why biceps does not grow. Squats, traction and bench presses - these are exactly the exercises that develop small muscles, increasing their strength potential. To build big biceps you need to listen to professionals and regularly do basic exercises with free weight.

one. Lifting the bar for biceps while standing


What is the feature: difficulty isolating biceps as a target muscle

Lifting the bar and bending the arms at the elbows are two different dynamic processes. The secret to creating large biceps lies in the ability to move the projectile only by bending the arms, without the help of the large muscles of the body. To get a return on this exercise, the biceps muscle must be isolated by excluding other muscle groups from work.

Lifting barbell for biceps while standing | Biceps Exercise # 1

Lifting barbell for biceps while standing | Biceps Exercise # 1

There are five important features to the bar lifting technique for standing biceps. Try to take them into account next time and the question why biceps is not growing will not torment you anymore:

one.     Elbows. During this basic biceps exercise, the elbows should be pressed to the body throughout the entire approach. Raising the bar high is not necessary. The higher it rises, the more load the front delta assumes.

2.     Brushes. When the hands are bent to themselves, the lifting of the bar is carried out due to the efforts of the muscles of the forearms. To pump up the biceps, you need to make him work hard Steroids store in UK. And for this, the hands must be held motionless.

3.     Vulture. The use of a direct bar neck does not bode well, it only exerts strain on the wrist joints. The curved neck allows you to avoid discomfort by increasing the level of concentration.

four.     Repetition range. The formula "mass gives the average number of repetitions" does not work for everyone. 8-10 repetitions in the approach helps to gain a lot of hands for those people whose muscles are dominated by white, rapidly contracting fibers. For the rest of the athletes, the greatest return is given to the biceps exercise, performed in the range of 12, 15 and even 20 repetitions per approach.

five.     Pause. The biceps muscle experiences the greatest load when it reaches an angle of 90 . By deliberately holding the bar at the top of the trajectory, you can significantly increase the load on it.

These small but important nuances of the basic biceps exercise technique significantly increase its effectiveness. The number of pancakes on the bar is a secondary issue, increase in bicep volume determines the amount of time spent by the muscles under load.

Conclusion: lifting the bar for biceps while standing is the main exercise for gaining mass of arms. But the effect it gives while observing the ideal execution technique.

2. Cheating barbell lift

What is the feature: there is no phase of lifting the bar, involving large muscle groups in the work, using a larger working weight

This might seem like a complete copy of the classic version of this biceps exercise, but its not at all. Cheating - This is a method of complicating the training of the biceps, which consists in the fact that the lifting of the bar up is carried out using inertia. That is, the bar must be thrown to the top of the trajectory by the effort of the whole body, and lowered by the muscles of the hands.

Cheating | One of the best ways to train your biceps.

Cheating | One of the best ways to train your biceps.

Cheating barbell lifting is one of the most effective ways to accelerate weight gain, but only if two conditions are met:

one.     For muscle growth, the negative phase is much more important than the positive. Means: you need to lower the bar slowly.

2.     Recent repetitions stimulate hypertrophy of muscle mass stronger than the first. Means: the speed of lowering the projectile must be slowed down with each new repetition.

Conclusion: biceps training with cheating is not a simple swing of a heavy barbell, but a difficult and painful way to shake hands in the gym Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. But the result is worth it.

3. Scott's Bench Rise


What is the feature: stretching the biceps of the shoulder along the lengthaccentuated lower biceps load

This way of creating big biceps was born thanks to Larry Scott, the legendary bodybuilder, the first Olympic champion. The usual methods of lifting the bar did not give him the desired return, so he came up with his own, unusual way to swing biceps.

Larry Scott and his legendary bicep bench

Larry Scott and his legendary bicep bench

A feature of this exercise is a high degree of isolation, as well as an increase in the load on the bottom of the biceps. But even such an old exercise has a very important nuance.

IMPORTANT: in 2010, studies were conducted on the topic of definition the best exercise for every muscle group. It turned out that during the lifting of the barbell on Scott's bench, the biceps get the greatest load, provided that the tilt of the music stand is 90 .

The greater the angle of the Scott Bench, the greater the load on the biceps

The greater the angle of the Scott Bench, the greater the load on the biceps

This means that working on a bench with a standard tilt of 45 is less effective. Changing this setting is the key to creating large biceps.

Conclusion: climbing biceps on Scott's bench is a great exercise. But the return on it will be higher if you increase the change in the angle of inclination of the support.

four. Lifting the bar for biceps while sitting

What is the feature: shortened range of motion, high degree of involvement of the biceps muscles in the work

The idea of ??such a way to pump biceps is to remove the lower and upper dead points of the trajectory from the barbell lift. Muscles have to work without relaxing, because it is completely impossible to lower the bar with arms straightened. And to raise them up, shifting the load to the front delta also does not come out. Biceps is constantly in tension, which is a strong stress factor for him.

Sitting Barbell Lifting | An effective way to pump biceps

Sitting Barbell Lifting | An effective way to pump biceps

IMPORTANT: while lifting the bar for sitting biceps, you can and even need to complete each approach with several partial repetitions. This will help to load the biceps even more.

how to pump biceps video:


Conclusion: do not let the muscles relax -  here is the main leitmotif of such a biceps exercise. You cannot lower the barbell to your knees until the end of the approach.

five. Lifting the barbell to the biceps with the elbows laid back


What is the feature: unusual position of the hands, work in partial amplitude, the load on the upper segment

The author of this exercise is the legendary Vincent Gironde, a former coach of Arnold Schwarzenegger. In addition to this, an unusual way to swing biceps with a barbell, he came up with bench press for chest and sissy leg squats. The peculiarity of lifting the barbell to the biceps with the elbows laid back is that the arms are pulled back behind the body and are there for the entire trip. The bar of the bar slides over the chest, moving in a strictly vertical plane.

At its core, the Gironde biceps exercise is the exact opposite of lifting the barbell on Scott's bench, who was also his apprentice Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. In the exercise on the music stand, the biceps work in a stretched position, and when lifting with the elbows laid back, in a shortened position.

biceps exercise video:

The rise on Scott's bench accentuates the bottom of the biceps, stretching it in length, and the rise of the Gironde loads its upper part. Professionals often use lifting with their elbows laid back as a finishing exercise, closing their biceps training complex. Moreover, they do it both with a barbell and in Smith's simulator.

Smith Barbell Lifting | Biceps Exercise Finishing Exercise

Smith Barbell Lifting | Biceps Exercise Finishing Exercise

Conclusion: A hand exercise invented by Vince Gironde is an unusual way to swing your biceps by loading its upper part. Ideal as a closing exercise complex.

6. Lifting the bar for biceps, with the elbows in the chest. Biceps Isolator

What is the feature: high degree of isolation, increased load on the bottom of the biceps

The effectiveness of this version is based on the exclusion from the work of all other muscles except the biceps. You can perform the exercise either simply resting your hands on your chest or using a device called the biceps insulator (Arm blaster).

Biceps Insulator | Effective hand training device

Biceps Insulator | Effective hand training device

In this case, the grip of the bar becomes narrower, and the load is shifted from the external to the internal bicep bundle. It is impossible to lower the bar completely down, so the greatest amount of work has to be done by the lower biceps.

It is not advisable to use cheating in this basic biceps exercise, since the elbow joints are in a fixed position and such a load will become traumatic for them.

Conclusion: biceps insulator -  a simple device that turns the basic biceps exercise into a cleaner and very effective one.

7. Concentrated Biceps Lift with Barbell

What is the feature: very narrow setting of hands, work in a shortened range, peak muscle tension

This is one of the most unusual exercises for biceps, although before it was quite popular. It serves not so much for biceps mass gain, how much to give it height, since the biceps tension at the top of the trajectory makes the load on it peak.

Concentrated Boom Lift | Exercise for peak biceps

Concentrated Boom Lift | Exercise for peak biceps

The shape of the muscles is given to us by nature and we are not able to change it. But performing a concentrated lifting of the barbell to the biceps by the lucky ones who are lucky to have a high peak helps to develop it to the limit.

download biceps video:


For ordinary people, this exercise is useful in that a narrow grip shifts the load on the inner, short bundle of biceps, which improves the overall shape of the biceps of the shoulder. A shortened trajectory of rise further enhances the effect.

Conclusion: A concentrated lifting of the barbell to the biceps makes sense to periodically include in your training program your hands to improve their shape.

eight. Lifting the bar for biceps while lying down

What is the feature: highest degree of isolation

By its biomechanics this construction method big biceps is the complete twin of the previous exercise. The degree of isolation and the load on the biceps themselves in it are even higher. The movement is also aimed at improving the shape of the biceps of the shoulder due to the development of peak biceps.

Lift barbell for biceps lying | The most isolated biceps muscle exercise

Lift barbell for biceps lying | The most isolated biceps muscle exercise

Its effectiveness is based on the ability to concentrate efforts on involving muscles in work. The highest point of rise is the most important part of the amplitude.

biceps training video:


Conscious delay of the bar at this point and additional muscle tension can radically increase the load on the biceps.

Conclusion: Lying the barbell is another formative exercise designed to build a peak biceps.


This is not all the barbell biceps exercises that can be performed in the gym. There are many variations of biceps muscle training. They also need to be periodically included in your training program. Regular updating of the arsenal of exercises is beneficial for both beginners and professionals. This allows you to create muscles not only large, but also beautiful in shape.

I hope my story about 8 ways to perform exercises for biceps with a barbell will be useful to you and will allow you to become the owner of really big hands Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. May the force be with you. And the mass!

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