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Yoga in the office - exercises for the hands

You are in the “risk group” of people who are prone to rapidly “getting younger” diseases of the spine and joints because you work in the office and, on average, you press the keyboard about a hundred thousand times! Your hands are in constant tension. To remove it and maintain healthy joint flexibility, try to regularly perform special yoga exercises.

Do you know the difference between an asana and a regular gymnastic exercise? It not only relaxes and properly strains muscles. During its execution, muscles and tendons twist, contract, stretch, and thus the work of the musculoskeletal system improves. Regular yoga classes have a beneficial effect on the endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular systems. And since some asanas are reminiscent of the movements of an animal or plant, they also teach us to develop positive qualities, such as grace, dexterity, strength, stability, and others inherent in our smaller brothers.

Our fingers are tired: keep your joints healthy

(improves blood circulation in the joints)
Imagine that you wet your hands and want to shake them to get rid of the water Safe Steroid Store. To do this, lower the arms down and perform the following movements: first, scroll with the brushes in one and the other direction (3-4 times are enough), and then do shaking, performing it "back and forth", and around.

We shook our hands further, only now a few seconds - down, in front of us. Raise your arms above your head and shake your hands again.


(stimulates through the massage of the pads of the fingers all the organs of your body)
Some call the waiter with a similar hand movement to make an order in a cafe. It turns out this exercise is very useful not only for small joints of the hands Buy steroids in USA at online. How to click correctly? You begin to “click” one by one, with each finger (little finger, middle, nameless, index, and vice versa) in large. First, do the exercise slowly, and gradually increase the rhythm of the speed of clicks.

(develops flexibility of joints, relieves stress)
Fold your hands in the Namaste, just don’t connect your palms, just your fingers, or rather their pads. Imagine that there are elastic springs between them, and you are trying to squeeze them by pushing your fingers against each other: try to bend the joints of the phalanges. Spend about nine clicks on each finger individually, and then immediately press everything together: strive to work out each joint.

(trains muscles and joints)
Take the usual tight elastic for hair and wear it in tandem with your thumb, alternately on the index, middle, nameless, little finger. In this position, spread two fingers apart, as if overcoming resistance.

(positive effect on small joints)
This exercise is familiar to many as "crunching fingers." To do this, grab a finger with the hand of one hand and begin to pull it two or three times toward you with a slight movement. Then massage him, performing rubbing UK Steroids for Bodybuilding. And so do with each finger.

Let's play in the "frogs": heals the hands

Put your hands together in front of you in the Namaste, and then twist your fingers together. Turn your arms down so that you feel a pleasant stretch in your wrists and joints. Do this four to six times. At the end of the exercise, shake the brushes.

The position of the hands as when performing the exercise "Torsion". Keep your palms firmly pressed together and start slowly. put your fingers down as much as you can Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. We hold them in this state for some time, after which we slowly again raise them to their initial position. Then you can move your arms in this way. After each exercise, shake with brushes.

In a sitting position, with an even back, straighten your hands in front of you and raise your wrists up so that their back is looking at you, and they are at a right angle. Pull the tips of your fingers towards you as much as possible. Lock the position for a few seconds. Now lower the hands down, as if reflecting the previous position of the palms in the mirror. Repeat three to four times. And then alternately do the exercise with the palms: the one with the back, the other with the fingers down Steroids Direct Australia. Freeze for a few seconds, Swap them. Then again together up, and together lower down.

We stretch out a hand in front of us, squeeze the cam and begin to rotate it first in one direction, then in the opposite direction. Perform the same movements with the other hand. Now extend two arms at once and in the wrist joints scroll them to the left and right sides. Unclench your palms, stretch your fingers and rotate with both hands left and right three to four times.

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