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Best Posture Correction Exercises

A sedentary, sedentary lifestyle entails problems with the back, neck, spine, posture. If you sit all day, chances are you have back problems. Even if you have a very good chair, it will not save you from pain and discomfort. Here we need more effective methods.




Best Posture Correction Exercises


Especially for you, we have selected several complexes that will help bring your back into tone, straighten and correct your posture, improve well-being. Some of them can be performed directly at the workplace without even getting up from a chair, or in a standing position, the rest can be performed at home, in a prone position, on a special rug. We hope that you can choose one of the following for yourself.

Exercises for the back and posture

Listen to yourself while doing exercises. If somewhere you feel pain, severe discomfort, then the training should be stopped, and of course, it would be advisable to consult a good doctor.

We align posture, relieve back pain:

Through exercise and abstinence, most people can do without medicine.
Joseph Addison

Try to do 8-10 reps and 2-3 sets for each exercise. If such a load seems to you to be large, especially at the initial stage, reduce it to a comfortable value.

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1. Stretch the hamstrings


Best Posture Correction Exercises


Place one foot on a low stool or stand (any item with a height of no higher than 15 cm can be used). The main emphasis is on the heel, we pull the toe a little on ourselves.

Start leaning slowly toward your straight leg until you feel tension in the back of your thigh. Hold in this position for 15-30 seconds, then change legs.
During the tilt, you must ensure that the leg you are leaning towards is straight, there is no deflection in the lower back and the shoulders are not sloping. Do 3 repetitions on each leg.

If stretching allows, the exercise can be performed without a stand. Try to reach the toe of a straightened leg, grasp your toe with your hands.

2 Steroids Direct Australia. Exercise "Cat and camel"

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Get down on all fours so that your palms are directly under your shoulders. Relax your back and stomach completely, even if its a little "sagging". Hold this position for 5 seconds. Then bend your back up and again hold for 5 seconds. Perform 10 reps.

3. Exercise "Crossroads"

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Its main essence is to simultaneously raise the opposite arm and leg. Besides the fact that it teaches to keep balance, it also stretches the lower back.

Stand on all fours, emphasis on straightened arms, palms are directly under the shoulders. Muscle the abdomen and back are tense Steroid Shop UK. Extend your left arm forward and at the same time raise your right leg.
Try to keep your arm and leg level. Hold in this position for 5 seconds, return to the starting position. Then repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Perform 10 repetitions of exercise on each side.

4. Lift the pelvis

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Lie on your back, bend your knees. Press your lower back to the floor and tighten your abs.

Hold in this position for 5 seconds and relax.

Perform 3 sets of 10 times. After this exercise, abdominal muscles may hurt the next day.

5. Partial lift

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Lie on your back, bend your knees about 90 degrees. Stretch your arms along the body, press your chin to your chest, and begin to rise up and forward until your shoulders come off the floor.

There is no need to go further. Hold this position for 3 seconds and relax. The hands should be on the same level with the body. You seem to stretch your palms to the feet. Follow 3 sets of 10 reps. Do not hold your breath while doing this exercise.

6. Stretch of the gluteal muscles

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Lying on your back, put your right foot on your left so that the ankle lies on your knee. Wrap your arms around the knee of your left leg and gently pull it toward your chest.

You will feel stretching in the gluteal muscles, and possibly also in the outer thigh. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds and return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets on each leg.
How close you can pull your leg closer to your chest depends on your stretch. Therefore, if you have not been involved in sports before, it is better to do it carefully and not overdo it.

7. Exercise for stretching the back

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Lie on the floor with your stomach down and relax for 5 minutes. If at rest you feel back pain, then it is better to refuse to perform it. If there is no pain, then you can begin to perform.

The exercise itself is vaguely reminiscent of the pose of a cobra and a lion. Without bending very much, lift the upper body on the arms bent at the elbows. In this case, the forearm may remain on the floor. Stay in this position for 5 minutes Anabolic Steroids for Sale. Then again just lie down and relax for one minute.
The second time, go up a little higher, tearing your elbows off the floor, and lower yourself again. Complete 4 sets of 10 such climbs. Between sets, rest lying on your stomach for 2 minutes. During the exercise, make sure that the hips are pressed to the floor.

8. Lateral strap

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Lie on the floor so that your shoulders, legs and hips are in line. Lift your body with your elbow on top. It should be clearly under the shoulder. Lift your hips above the floor and try to maintain balance in this position for 15 seconds. Then return to starting position.

Repeat the same, turning over to the other side. Try to gradually increase the time, bringing it to 1 minute. If its difficult to straighten your legs, bend your knees. The angle between the hips and bent knees should be approximately 45 degrees. Keep your body and pelvis in line with your hips and legs.

9. Stretching the upper chest muscles

Best Posture Correction Exercises


All you have to do is get out of the chair, go to the doorway, put your hands on the door jamb just above your head, and begin to bend forward until you feel the muscle tension in the front of your shoulders.

Hold in this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

Implementation Recommendations

10. Stretching the chair back

Best Posture Correction Exercises


It can be performed without even getting up from a chair. True, the chair should be without a high back, otherwise it will not work. Just put your hands behind your head and clasp your palms in the lock.

Start to take your elbows back, bending at the same time in the upper back, and look at the ceiling. Repeat exercise 10 times Top Legal Steroids. It is recommended to perform several times a day.
Many make it intuitively - in the process of long sedentary work, they raise their hands behind their heads and stretch sweetly, at the end, uncoupled palms and spread their arms to the sides.

11. Rises of arms in the plane of the wall

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Stand with your back to the wall, spread your arms to the sides so that your elbows and wrists touch the wall.

Start by slowly raising your arms up and to the sides as high as you can, and lower them as slowly.

Most importantly, make sure that your elbows and wrists do not come off the wall. It is recommended to perform 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions.

If during the exercise you feel pain or discomfort in the upper back, stop and continue to the next.

12. Reduction of the blades

This is a simple mixing of the shoulder blades, which can be performed both standing and sitting. Hands should be lowered and relaxed. Flatten the shoulder blades, hold them in this position for 5 seconds, and relax again.

13. Exercise "Aircraft"

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Helps to get rid of discomfort in the back, but also well strengthens the back. Lie down on the floor with your stomach, put a small pillow (folded towel) under your chest and spread your arms to the sides, elbows are straightened, and hands are clenched into fists with thumbs pointing to the top.

Slowly begin to raise your hands up, squeezing the shoulder blades together, and also slowly lower them down. At the same time, you must keep your head so that it forms one straight line along with the whole body.
Do not lift your chin and do not rest your forehead on the floor. When this exercise will no longer be difficult for you, you can pick up light weight.

Please note that you should work with the muscles of the back, not the arms! This means that tension should only be felt between your shoulder blades. The wrists, elbows and shoulders should be at the same level.

14. Slopes down from a sitting position

Best Posture Correction Exercises


In this case, our goal is to stretch the muscles of the upper back. Sit on the floor with your legs straight.

Put your hands on the middle of the legs, tilt your head and neck down towards the navel.

Count in this position to 15 and return to the starting position.

15. Exercise "Rowing back"

Best Posture Correction Exercises


To complete it, you will need an expander or any other elastic rope.

Fasten the expander to a fixed object (for example, the handle of a closed door), sit on a chair and pick up the free ends of the expander.

Keep your forearms upright in front of you.

The elbows should be at the same level with the shoulders, the angle between the shoulders and forearms should be ~ 90 degrees.

Pull the ends of the expander, spreading your arms to the sides and squeezing the muscles between the shoulder blades. Return to starting position.

16. Knees to the sides

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Lie on the floor and bend your knees, moving your feet to the pelvis. Take your left knee down and to the side as if trying to put it on the floor. Return the leg to its original position. Repeat this 3 times out of 8 and switch to the right leg.

During this exercise, you should feel how the inner thigh and gluteal muscles are stretched. This will relieve tension from the muscles, including the lower back.

17. One-legged Frog

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Lie on your back, knees bent, feet fully on the floor. Pull one knee to the chest and describe it in a semicircle, returning to its original position. Follow the three approaches of 8 and do the same with the second leg.

This exercise also stretches the outside of the thigh and removes tension from the joints of the legs and lower part of the vertebra

18. Doll

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Sit straight, legs connect the foot to the foot and pull them closer to the pelvis, knees apart apart. Grasp the feet with your hands on your fingers, press your chin to your chest and stretch your forehead towards the feet. Hold on. In this position you have a rounded back and you should feel a stretch in the lower part of the spine.

19. Longitudinal fold

Best Posture Correction Exercises


Sit straight, legs straight, knees locked. If possible, grasp your toes on your feet and gently stretch your forehead to your knees. In this case, the knees should be straightened, the back of the thighs is relaxed. The tilt is due to the work of the hip joints, not the legs.

Such a simple set of exercises for the strength of each of us, is not it? Lets do our posture without postponing classes tomorrow, then tomorrow we will be able to admire the fruits of our efforts!

Simple exercises for back and posture

one. Press the chin to the chest and bring the shoulder blades together, stand for 1-2 minutes in this position. Such a stance will help relieve tension and stretch the cervical spine.

2. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, relax your arms and slightly away from the torso, stretch your crown to the ceiling, without raising your chin. So you stretch the cervical spine.

3. Stand upright, put your feet shoulder width apart and make rotational movements with straight arms, as when swimming a crawl. This exercise is a great way to develop the brachial muscles that support the correct position of the neck.

four. Get in the starting position: the back is straight, the shoulders are straight, the legs are shoulder-width apart. Slowly, without sudden movements, lean forward and try to press your head to your knees, clasping them with your hands. Thow do you straighten spine and pull your back muscles.

five. To help stretch the spine and strengthen muscles come and exercises familiar from childhood: a bridge and a kitty. The first is performed from a supine position, you need to tear the torso off the floor with your hands and feet and stay in this position, at least for a few seconds, and do 3-4 repetitions. Kitty is performed from a position on all fours, kneeling and straightened arms, the girl bends and bends her back, do 5-6 repetitions.

6. Place the chair next to the mirror so that you can see your reflection on the side. Sit on a chair and pick up your legs, sit on your heels, straighten your back (you can follow the position in the mirror), put your hands on your knees Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. Freeze for 3-4 minutes. This exercise is great for strengthening your back muscles and training your muscle memory..

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