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Exercises for a Beautiful Posture

Proper posture can beautify any woman, make her more graceful and even visually slimmer Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. Do not believe? Stand sideways to the mirror, relax your back, slouch. Look at yourself: you see how the stomach protrudes, the chest seems hollow, you look shorter, pitiful and insecure. Now, straighten and lower your shoulders, straighten your back, slightly raise your chin. Notice the difference? A few centimeters immediately increased in growth, the chest was noticeably rounded, the stomach was pulled in, you are proud and attractive.

Improper posture, unfortunately, is fraught not only with visual disharmony. At a young age, when the musculoskeletal system is only being formed, it is extremely important to help the child develop correct posture. Otherwise, the rounded back can become not only a chronic visual flaw, but also lead to the development of serious pathologies of the spine. An example of such a pathology can be scoliosis, which in turn is dangerous for the risk of paralysis of various parts of the body. But for an adult with a formed musculoskeletal system, correct posture is important not only as a harmonious external component. When you stoop, you harm the health of the internal organs.

That's why proper posture is necessary and important. And in order to save or correct it, if deviations have already occurred, we suggest that you regularly include the following exercises in your comprehensive training.

Exercise 1

Go to the wall, press against it along the entire length of the back of the body. Now take a step from the wall without changing the position of the head and back aligned with the wall Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. So walk around the room for a few minutes.

Exercise 2


photo by Natalia Grishko

Stand facing the wall a step away from it, tilt the case forward to parallel with the floor, with your palms, accept the emphasis on the wall. Lock the position for half a minute. Feel your back stretching. After such a stretch, perform a compensating deflection exercise described below.

Exercise 3


photo by Natalia Grishko

Straighten up. Raise your straight arms up, bend your body back Buy steroids in USA online shop. Do not bend your knees. The second and third exercise can be alternated and repeated in this way each of them 5 times.

Exercise 4


photo by Natalia Grishko

The exercise consists of two elements that compensate each other: they are also called "good" and "angry kitty." Get on all fours. First, bend your back down, as a cat does, when in a good mood stretches after sleep.


photo by Natalia Grishko

Then round your back up and press your chin to your chest, pull in your stomach. Now you look like an angry cat arching its back.

Repeat the position change 5 times. In addition to stretching the spine, the exercise tightens the abdominal muscles.

Exercise 5


photo by Natalia Grishko

Lie on your stomach Genuine steroids. Place the palms of your hands under your shoulders and lift the body up, bending at the back. As You can use the evil cat from the previous exercise to compensate for this deflection. Repeat the bunch 5 times.

Exercise 6


photo by Natalia Grishko

Now lie completely on your stomach. Place your straight arms along your head. Raise your head, shoulders, chest, and arms above the floor. Relax and return to starting position.


photo by Natalia Grishko

At the next stage of mastering the exercise, add the legs to the upper half of the body raised above the floor. Try to bend as much as possible in the chest and raise your head and legs higher.

Exercise 7


photo by Natalia Grishko

The following is very useful for developing proper posture. strap. Get on all fours. Lift up one straight leg, place it parallel to the floor. Also, raise a straight arm opposite the raised leg and also parallel to the floor Order Anabolic Steroids Online. Hold the bar for half a minute. Then repeat it in mirror image.

Also, various exercises in hanging on the crossbar are suitable for forming good posture: pulling up, lifting straight and bent legs up, rocking the body to the right and left, etc. If you dont have a Swedish wall or crossbar at home, you can easily find a suitable horizontal bar in the courtyard or nearby stadium.

As you can see, all of the proposed exercises are quite simple and quite suitable for self-mastery during home training. You can also use them as morning exercises after waking up. And may your posture be beautiful and your back healthy!

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