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Exercises for the spine - yoga for the straight back and correct posture

A set of home exercises to improve posture and straighten the spine. All about how to strengthen your abdominal muscles and make your back straight using yoga techniques.

How to quickly correct posture?

How to fix your posture

In order to correct posture, you need not just strength exercises to straighten your back or regular hanging on the horizontal bar. Unfortunately, the gym more often spoils the posture than improves it. For example, traction of the upper block behind the head, not the chest - this is a quick way to chronic pain in the neck, lower spine and shoulder joints. Exactly like training the muscles of the hands with too much weight.

Improving posture is, first of all, increasing body flexibility with the help of special stretching exercises borrowed from yoga. Regular yoga classes not only positively affect the general well-being and stress level of a person, but are also extremely useful for straightening the back - primarily due to the development of mobility in the thoracic spine and the elimination of stoop.

The advantage of straightening the back will be that it is really capable increase growth and make a person 3-5 cm higher. Performance in strength exercises will improve (especially for the muscles of the legs - for example, squats), positively affecting the development of musculature of the whole body. In addition, strengthening the muscles of the body, back and abs, no doubt, will help to remove the stomach and significantly improve the overall tone of the body.

What is posture?

Posture is the ability of the muscles of the body and pelvis to maintain the most effective position of the spine. It is proper posture that allows the internal organs of the body to function optimally, and the muscles to work at their full strength. Violations of posture, in turn, lead to an imbalance in the muscular system, overstrain of working areas and the development of chronic pain Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale. Especially pain in the neck.

To feel your correct posture and straight back:

  1. Stand up straight
  2. Spread your legs narrower than shoulder width
  3. Take a deep breath
  4. Straighten your shoulders while bringing your shoulder blades together and slightly moving your shoulders back and down
  5. Put your chest forward, do another one diaphragm inhale and exhale
  6. Tighten the press, making sure that the tailbone is pointing down
  7. Consciously stretch the crown of your head up
  8. Take three full breaths and relax.

For most people, such a posture position will seem not only completely uncomfortable, but also difficult enough to maintain. However, this position is only the starting point of any yoga assan, bearing the name tadasana. A beginner with minimal knowledge will be able to learn how to perform this exercise even at home.

Note that the formation of proper posture is primarily responsible for the internal muscles of the body and the deep muscles of the spine. These muscle groups consist predominantly of slow fibers, therefore, for their training, static exercises are required, performed without significant stress - first of all, abdominal vacuum exercise and exercise plank.

Home exercises for posture

Posture Exercises

Below is a home set of simple yoga exercises designed to straighten the spine and improve posture Buy Steroids with Credit Card. Performing it for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week, you will quickly notice a positive result, which is expressed both in straightening the back and reducing pain in the neck, and in improving performance and reducing overall fatigue.



How to perform

"Children's pose"

Relaxation and stretching

30-60 seconds

Feline Stretch

Increase mobility

5-7 repetitions

"Pose of a bending tree"

Balance development

5-7 repetitions in each direction

"Balancing Table Pose"

Hull reinforcement

5-7 repetitions

"Pose of traction"

Spine stretch

30-60 seconds

"Twisting lying"

Spine stretch

20-30 seconds on each side

"Dynamic bar"

Spine straightening

30-60 seconds

1. Balasana ("Children's Pose")

Balasana (

Exercise to relax. Starting position - sitting on the heels, big toes touch each other, knees divorced. As you exhale, slowly lower the body down, then stretch your arms forward. Breathe calmly. Try to pull the tailbone back and down, directing the chest lower to the floor. Perform 30-60 seconds.

2. Marjariasana (The Cat Stretch)

Marjariasana (The Cat Stretch)

Exercise to increase spinal mobility. Starting position - standing on all fours. As you inhale, tighten your abs, then bend your back, stretching your head as high as possible and moving your tailbone back and up. As you exhale, round your spine as much as possible, with your head pointing down. Perform 5-7 repetitions. Useful for troubleshooting forward pelvic tilt.

3 Safe Steroid Store. Tiryaka Tadasana ("Pose of a Bending Tree")

Tiryaka Tadasana (

Exercises to develop balance. Starting position - standing, legs slightly shoulders, tailbone pointing down. As you inhale, raise your hands up, bringing your fingers into the lock. As you exhale, bend slowly and with a sense of body muscles working, without changing your hips. Hold for 10-20 seconds. Perform 5-7 times for each side. Develops oblique abdominal muscles.

4. Dandayaman Bharmanasan ("Pose of the Balancing Table")

Dandayaman Bharmanasan (

Exercise to strengthen the internal muscles of the abs and balance. Starting position - on all fours. As you inhale, take your right leg back, straighten it, then extend your left arm forward. Tighten the press and try to keep a straight line Buy Steroids Online in Australia. Hold for 10-20 seconds, change your hand. Perform 5-7 repetitions.

5. Uttanasana ("Pose of Traction")

Uttanasana (

Exercise for stretching the spine. Starting position - standing. As you exhale, slowly and with a sense of control, lower the body down, stretching your head to the floor. Slightly point your hips up and straighten your knees. Do not strain your neck. Take 5-7 slow and deep breaths, then carefully return to the upright position.

6. Supta Matsyendrasana (Lying Twist)

Supta Matsyendrasana (Lying Twist)

Exercise for stretching the spine. Starting position - lying on your back, arms spread apart, palms down. Bend the right leg at the knee, pull it up, put your left hand on top. While exhaling, gently press lightly on the knee, trying to lower it below. Perform 20-30 seconds, change the side.

7. Kumbakasana Vinyasa (Dynamic Bar)

Kumbakasana Vinyasa (The Dynamic Bar)

Exercise for stretching the spine. The starting position is the bar, the body is stretched in a straight line. As you exhale, direct the pelvis upward, making sure that the abs is tight and the lower back is straight (this is much more important than bent knees). Hold for 10-20 seconds, return to the bar, repeat 3-4 times.

Comments on posture exercises

The key to improving posture is the development of joint and ligament mobility, as well as progressive muscle stretching. In other words, do not try to achieve results in a few days - the spine consists of extremely complex and quite tight muscles, and the effect can only be achieved as a result of regular training, and not the application of maximum effort.

The process of straightening the back can take several months - during all this time, you should not only constantly perform exercises for posture at home, but also make sure to minimize all kinds of factors that distort the back Top Legal Steroids. For example, you should keep an eye on are you sleeping right and in what position do you spend your working day.

Posture straightening: contraindications

The above exercises to improve posture should always be performed carefully, slowly and with complete control over the movement. If you are unable to take a certain position and you feel that the muscles are tight, do not try to force your body to force or pressure. If you experience sharp pain, stop training immediately.

In addition, if in the past you had any injuries to your knee, shoulder, or other joints, most likely, these home exercises for posture will be strictly contraindicated to you. If you have any doubts as to whether you can perform them, we strongly recommend contacting your doctor for an individual consultation.

How to improve posture: a summary

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