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Exercises to form correct posture

These exercises are aimed at keeping the spinal column in a straight position during any movements



Exercises in equilibrium are aimed at keeping the spinal column in a straight position during any movements Anabolic Steroids for Sale. And this is of great importance for the formation of posture.

Balance exercises 

1. Standing across the gymnastics stick, legs together, transfer the weight of the body forward to the toes then back to the heels. Repeat several times. Do not leave the place, do not lose balance, try to feel the movement of the center of gravity. In subsequent classes, the exercise is complicated. It can be performed on an increased support - a small bench, a stool or a chair.

2. Balancing with an object on the head, standing on a gymnastic stick, placed on two dumbbells located at a distance of 60 cm (Fig. 4, left).

3 Anabolic Steroids Online in UK. Balancing on a board (15-30 cm) placed on a dumbbell (Fig. 4, right). During the exercise, try to maintain the correct torso position.


Exercises to form correct posture



FOR PREVENTION OF VELOCITY The following exercises that strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle are very useful.

1. I.p. - stand straight, legs apart Buy Steroids Online in USA. Put your palms on your shoulder blades (elbows upside down), then spread your arms to the sides and back so that the shoulder blades touch each other (Fig. 5).

2. I.p. also. To clasp the hands behind the back - the right hand is above the shoulder blades, the lower left is under the shoulder blades. Then change the position of the hands. This exercise can be performed by shifting from hand to hand a small ball or other small objects (Fig. 6).


3. I.p. - sitting. Tense, slow torso back due to the movement of the spine in the chest.

4. Tilts and turns of the body to the right and left with a gymnastic stick on the shoulder blades Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. Walking and slow squats with a stick behind your back at the bend of your elbows. Keep your torso straight.

5. Arc movements of the arms above the head back and forth, holding the ends of the stick. Do not bend your elbows.

Flat Back Exercises

1. Kneeling, bending backward bending.

2. Lying on your stomach, grab your feet with your hands, and pull them to your head.

3. Standing on the right foot, grab the left by the foot and, bending it at the knee, pull back and up Order Steroids Online. Same with the other foot.

Exercises to form correct posture


For the prevention of posture disorders You can include in the morning exercises or gymnastics complexes one exercise from each proposed cycle.

If the parents noticed the child disorders of posture I degree, then one more additional exercise should be included in the complexes to strengthen the lagging muscle group. However, one should not get carried away by excessive loads. Violations of posture of the first degree are primarily associated with age-related characteristics of the development of children and pass over the years, with the strengthening of the muscular system. Overtraining of individual muscles can cause harm to the child.

The number of repetitions of exercises to strengthen the muscle corset for students:

The exercises must be performed correctly and systematically so that posture defects do not change over time into fixed forms, since in this case it will be much more difficult to correct them.

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