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Hello posture. 5 exercises for back muscles

Leg muscle groups and backs - the largest person and from their state very much depends. Most often pain in back arise with unusual stress, with unusual loads for an untrained person. If your back is already sore, in first of all relax muscles But how to prevent such situations? Strengthen your back muscles and shoulder girdle with using exercises.

What women need to know about exercises in general and gymnastics for back muscles in particular? Firstly not worth the wait for very quick results. The thing is that u women "bottom" is more susceptible to loads and more training than the "top". (TO unfortunately this works and at reverse order: in the absence of regular buttock loads and hips will swim much faster than men.)

Secondly, the womans body is cyclical, because the menstrual cycle leaves an imprint on all her life activity Steroid Shop UK. If you take 28 days (average monthly cycle), then at the first two weeks the female body responds better to power load, and the second two weeks begins to "save" and build up strength. Therefore in these days the load should be less intense, but longer lasting.

  1. Lie on mat on bend your legs in knees and hold them down to breasts Anabolic Steroids Australia. Round your back and do the back and forth 10-15 time. Better to do this exercise during afternoon.
  2. Stand on all fours in "Table pose" and do the exercise "kitty" 10-15 time.

Back muscle exercises

Bend your back, lowering your head down, then bend your back, but while not raise your head up.

How to fix posture with exercise

  1. Place your feet parallel to the width of the pelvis and Slow sideways. You need to bend over even body, as if there is a wall behind, and you by go down it.

Back muscle exercises

On it is advisable to exhale the slope on rise - a breath. If its very simple, - raise your hands above your head and chain them at Castle. AT extreme tilt point can linger on few seconds leading steroids for sale. This will strain your muscles even more. Do by ten once per each side.

How to fix posture with exercise


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  1. Put your legs a little wider than your shoulders, take a stick and lay her on shoulders over head. Straighten your back and even bend a little. Do body turns left and right. On every twist - exhale on reverse movement - a breath.

Back muscle exercises

If its very easy, take the bar from small bar (if you have), its more convenient to do this in the gym Steroids for Sale Online. Houses you can adjust any item heavier than the handle of collapsible mop. Then you not only you will stretch your muscles, but and strengthen their.

  1. By doing just this exercise every other day, you can achieve impressive results in a month! Stand on mat on the forearms, hands are in front, and lean on toes. This is the so-called "plank pose." Keep your back tense, don't bend in lower back. Hold this position off ten seconds to minutes.

How to fix posture with exercise

If it's easy, first raise your right hand and hold her parallel to the floor, and then change hands. Or lift your right leg first and stand on 3 fulcrum, then change legs Buy Steroids in UK. In addition to strengthening muscles in in this case will still train and your balance. This is a very energy-consuming posture that perfectly strengthens the back, abs and whole body.

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