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How to straighten your back and posture without any difficulty - at home

Improper posture is not only not beautiful, but also dangerous, because it is the cause of various diseases of the spine, which, no doubt, only progress with age, which leads to pain and poor health. Therefore, we decompose in detail which exercises they are best suited for posture, so as not to give your body severe torture!

corset for postureHow to straighten your back and posture without any difficulty: at home

But, unfortunately, it is common for people not to pay attention to it until this circumstance begins to interfere with their body to function fully Buy Anabolics in USA. In order to avoid such a situation, it is enough to devote several minutes a day to your posture. This article provides exercises for posture, which will correct the problematic (not correct) posture, as well as maintain and strengthen the correct posture.

Posture Exercises

The first exercise we all know since school, and it is called the "bridge" Steroids store in UK. For its implementation, it is necessary to lie on your back, with both hands parallel to the body, while the legs should be bent at the knees. Then you need to lift the pelvis, raise it as high as possible, so that the body from the shoulders to the knees is parallel to the floor Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. In this position, you need to stay for a few seconds, after which we return to the original position and repeat this exercise several more times Genuine steroids. Recommended 10-15 such repetitions of 2 sets. But you can start (and even need it if the body is not used to the loads) with less.

how to fix your posturePosture Exercises

The second exercise is called the Advanced Bridge. As the name implies, it resembles the above exercise, but in this case, the points on which we rely are only the feet and the back of the head. The recommended number of exercises is 20, it is advisable to divide them into 2 sets of 10 times.

The third exercise is "boat." Performing it, it is necessary to lie on your stomach, but well start our legs under any support, hands should be removed behind the head, weaving fingers together Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. After that, we raise the upper half of the body and linger in this position for several seconds, then return to its original position.

how to straighten your backThe best way to straighten your back at home

The recommended number of accomplishments in one lesson is 2 visits approximately fifteen to twenty times (the exact number of exercises depends on your mood and preparation). Without initial training, we recommend starting with fewer repetitions.

The fourth exercise is called the candle and, unlike the above exercises, this requires flexibility. It is necessary to lie on the floor with your back down, straighten your legs, position your hands along the body. Then we raise our legs, it is advisable to do this as slowly as possible, with our hands we support the waist and try to maintain balance.

posture exercisesPosture and its correction at home

With the maximum leg lift, you need to freeze in this position for about 7-10 seconds, then return to its original position. This exercise is recommended to be performed in 2-3 sets, ten or fifteen repetitions (depending on your preparation).

These are such simple daily exercises for posture help you always feel great.

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