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Perfect Posture + Strong Spine - 6 Simple Exercises

We learn to correct muscle imbalances in the areas of the thoracic and lumbar spine - so you can even add to growth!


The crooked spine, of course, is shorter than the straight one - and you along with it. Are you hunching? Perform this set of exercises 3-5 times a week to grow up (in some cases, progress reaches 3-5 cm). You will not only become handsome, but you will also save yourself in the future from diseases caused by incorrect posture.

one. Scarecrow


What for To strengthen the muscles that rotate the shoulder outward. Their weakness contributes to the development of excessive kyphosis of the thoracic spine.

how Stand straight with dumbbells in your hands Buy Real Steroids Online. Turn your hands with your palms back (A). Pull the dumbbells towards your chest, guiding your elbows up and back (B). Without changing the position of the shoulders, turn your forearm outward (B). Arbitrarily return to the starting position and repeat Top Legal Steroids. Do 3 sets of 1520 reps.

2. Fitball Y-wiring


What for To tidy the muscles that stabilize the shoulder blades. So you will improve the shoulder joints, which is important for proper posture in the thoracic spine.

how Having picked up light dumbbells, lay down on your fitball with your stomach. Put your legs wider than your shoulders and bend them slightly in your knees. Straighten your arms with dumbbells, with your palms facing each other (A). Arrive in the thoracic region and raise your arms up and to the sides so that your body, when you look at it from above, forms the letter Y (B). Go back to the original polo­zhenie and repeat. Do 3 sets of 20 reps.

3. Shoulder mobility against the wall


What for To develop the flexibility of the shoulder joints in the sagittal plane. It is proved that a decrease in the flexibility of the shoulder joints is the main reason for the development of senile hump.

how Face the wall two steps away. Put your feet on the width of the pelvis, straighten your arms and place on the wall above your head. Putting the pelvis back, bend in the shoulder joints so that a single line is obtained between the arms and the body (A) - this is the starting position Steroids UK Shop. Now in the dynamics, go down a little lower (B), after which immediately return to the starting position and repeat. Do 2-3 sets of 30-50 dynamic, but controlled repetitions.

four. Gluteus bridge


What for So that the stomach does not stick out and the back does not hurt, it is extremely important to strengthen the buttocks, weakened by a sedentary lifestyle.

how Lie on the floor, bending your knees to a right angle or slightly more. One leg straight up, arms straight along the body (A). Leaning on the floor with your upper back and the heel of one leg, raise your pelvis up (B). Slowly return to the starting position and immediately repeat. Do 3 sets of 1220 reps for each leg.

five. Hip flexor stretch


What for Rigid and not elastic muscles flexing the hip contribute to the appearance of hypertrophic lordosis and pain in the lumbar spine.

how Stand on one knee in a long lunge position Steroids Australia Online. Place your palms on the thigh in front of the standing leg and, pushing off from it, try to lean back and lower the pelvis as low as possible. Hold in this position for the right amount of seconds, and then change your leg. Do 3-4 sets of 30 seconds.

6. Shavasana


What for In the morning, a person is slightly higher than in the evening. This is because during the night's sleep, the muscles surrounding the spine have time to relax, helping to reduce kyphosis and lordosis. But for this it is not necessary to hibernate for 8 hours. Exercise is much faster.

how Lie back on the floor. Place your hands on your sides, palms up. Keep your palms out of your hips. Myski a little dilute. Close your eyes and with a mental gaze walk through your body from the bottom up, eliminating muscle tension. Watch your breath: it should be even and calm, without delay Steroid Shop №1 in Australia. Spend 5 minutes in shavasana.

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