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Posture Exercise Complex - 10 Effective Exercises

Correct posture at all times was considered the subject of greatness, pride and beauty. No wonder it is called "royal." Meanwhile, correct posture is, first of all, the health of the spine, which is responsible for the work of all organs and systems in the body. That's just not everyone can boast of good posture. Statistics show that more than 40% of children under the age of 10 years have initial signs of scoliosis or lordosis. In order not to start the problem and strengthen the spine in time, the doctors developed a corrective set of exercises for posture.

Causes of Postural Disorders

We list the main reasons that lead to curvature of the spine:

  overstrain of the spine during a period of intensive growth (incorrect posture at the computer or at the desk);

  diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system (tuberculosis, osteochondrosis, bone tumors, rickets);

  decreased vision, forcing a person to stretch forward and consider what is happening;

  incorrect working position;

  weak muscle frame;

  back injuries.

The essence of exercises for posture

Any methods of posture correction, first of all, are aimed at restoring muscle balance, which means relaxation of tense muscles and relaxed tension. This approach allows you to restore the normal functioning of the muscle corset, aimed at keeping the torso in the correct position. Exercise is only one of the types of posture correction, but it is the most effective and effective of all possible. Regular gymnastic exercises can improve posture, strengthen the heart and skeletal muscles, and also increase the volume of the lungs and chest.

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A set of exercises for posture

1 Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. Standing straight, hands should be brought behind the back to the "castle". Then you should make springy movements, raising your arms as high as possible and simultaneously bending your back. Repeat 10 times.

2. Standing on all fours, resting on your knees and straight arms, you should swing alternately: first with your right hand and left foot, and then with your left hand and right foot. Repeat 8 times.

3. Lying on your back you need to stretch your arms along the body and bend your knees to rest on a full foot Buy Steroids with Credit Card. You should lift the body, pressing the chest to the hips, and then return to its original position. Repeat 5 times.

4. Sitting on the floor and bending your knees, you should place your feet on the floor, and place your hands behind, resting on the floor with your palms. Using your hands as a lever, you should bend up, lifting your pelvis and at the same time throwing your head back. Frozen in this position for 5 seconds, you can return to its original position. Repeat 8 times.

5. Lying on your stomach and stretching out your arms to the sides, gently raise the upper body as high as possible. Having fixed this position for 4-5 seconds, you can return to the original Safe Steroid Store. Repeat exercise 8 times.

6. Standing against the wall should be leaned against her palms. After that, without taking your hands off, you need to try to bend back as much as possible, while maintaining balance. Frozen in this position for 4 seconds, it is worth returning to the starting position. Repeat 5 times.

7 Buy steroids in USA at online. Turning your back to the wall, you should press against the plane with the whole body, as tightly as possible, while standing straight. Within 10 seconds, you should maintain a position, and then you can relax. Repeat 8 times.

8. Having stood with your back to the corner of the wall or to the gymnastic pole, you need to press against the back of the head and buttocks. In this position, you should do squats, which you need to do alternately, 5 times, and then tilt to the right and left (5 times), returning after each tilt to its original position.

9. Being facing the floor, you need to rely on straight arms, as well as on socks. The abdomen should be pulled in and the back should be straight UK Steroids for Bodybuilding. In this position should be delayed for 30-40 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

10. Standing on his feet and straightening up, you need to put a book on his head. Slowly moving around the room, it is necessary to maintain correct posture so that the book does not fall. You need to start the exercise from 2 minutes, gradually bringing it to 20 minutes or more.

This simple, but very effective set of exercises for posture will certainly give positive results after 3-4 months of regular classes. It is only important to believe in success and learn to constantly monitor the position of your own body, wherever you are. Health to you and a beautiful posture!

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