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These 8 exercises will help you correct your posture.

A beautiful and even back is not only attractive, but also great. Unfortunately, not such a large percentage of people can boast of good posture. Postural dysfunction, or improper posture, is the result of a sedentary lifestyle, lack of regular exercise, walking with your head bowed and shoulders down, prolonged work on a computer / tablet / phone, etc. But it can be fixed! We have compiled posture exercises for you, with a systematic performance of which your back will level out, and you will breathe deeply.

posture exercises

It is better to begin to form / correct posture from an early age, but it is never too late to tackle your back and your own health later Steroids for Sale Online. It may just have to take a little more time. By the way, due to improper posture, you can have not only problems with the back, but also with breathing, digestion (because the shape and functions of organs are disturbed), with joints and bones, headaches.

Exercise 1. Bridge the other way around

Exercise begins with a sitting position on the floor. Bend your knees in front of you, and put your hands behind the body with your fingers forward. Take a deep breath, move all the power to your arms and legs and tear your buttocks off the floor; stretch your hips up. As you inhale, bring the shoulder blades to each other so that the chest opens and relaxes, gradually lower your head back and point your chin up. Lock in this state for 25-30 seconds. Try to stay in such a bridge for about a minute. This movement relaxes the pectoral and cervical muscles, activates the muscles of the abs and buttocks, stretches the spine.


Exercise 2 Anabolic Steroids Australia. Arch

Take a pose on all fours, palms tightly fasten on the floor, fingers look forward, hands at shoulder level. Take a deep breath and relax your stomach, then gently bend back, chin up. On inspiration, round the spine, point the chin to the chest. In this exercise, only the back moves (the spine is stretched), everything else (legs, arms, shoulders) remains in place. Begin the repetition of the posture exercise 15 times.


Exercise 3. Angel

To perform exercises for posture, you need only a free wall. Lean against her back so that the entire back is touching the surface (clearance should be slight). Raise your hands up, spread apart, bend at the elbows. In this position, lift them up the wall and lower them down (to chest level). The legs are always together, you can bend a little at the knees. Exercise should be performed within a minute.

Exercise 4. Flying Dog

Do the exercise also in a position on all fours. Hands are at shoulder and foot level (legs are aligned), palms are looking forward. First, raise your left arm and leg diagonally (no higher than the hip level), pull them (as if creating one string). Hold this position for up to 10 seconds and then slowly lower the limbs Steroid Shop UK. Make the same movement with the other limbs. Perform the exercise 7-10 times on both sides.


Exercise 5. Turns

Sit on the floor, buttocks pressed to the heels. Lay one hand behind your head, lower your elbow down. Expand the chest gradually so that the elbow begins to look at the ceiling. Repeat the movement 6-8 times on one side and the same amount on the other.

Exercise 6 Buy Real Steroids Online. Striving for the sun

During all components of the posture, keep your chin up. First, raise your arms as high as possible, straighten your shoulders, but with your shoulder blades, also reach up. Try to stretch as much time as possible without bending your arms. After a little brush off the hands and spread your arms to the sides, the shoulder blades are assembled together. And also try to spread your arms as far as possible and stay in this position for 10-20 seconds. Shake your hands again and raise your hands. Reach for the ceiling and do not lower your hands for 15-20 seconds. Repeat the whole complex 5-7 times.


Exercise 7. Almighty Plank

Sit on knees, comfortably and firmly place your palms on the floor, raise your feet on your toe and straighten your arms Buy Steroids in UK. You should get a straight line and straightened shoulders. Make sure that the lower back does not fall, and the head does not rise. Your gaze should be fixed on the floor. Start from 30 seconds of standing. Then do the exercise as long as possible (until you feel weak in the arms and legs).


Exercise 8. Cross (with tape)

Take a sitting position on the floor, legs adjacent to each other, stretch in front of you, toes look up. Take the tape, grasp the feet, and put the ends of the tape, forming the letter X. With your hands, hold the tape and pull it in front of you, your elbows are pointing back at chest level (you should feel tension in the upper back, arms and legs). The back always remains straight during execution, the gaze is directed straight ahead (the chin does not lower and does not bulge). Repeat 8-10 times in 3 sets. The technique of this posture exercise makes the upper back muscles strong, especially those between the shoulder blades (rhomboids).

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