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Top 10 exercises for a beautiful posture. Younger and nicer

Want your face not to "slid down"? And so that these nasty brules, rings of wrinkles on the neck, the second chin do not appear? A stoop and sagging chest? Surely you are against these age-related changes. But a beautiful posture is able to delay for a long time or even prevent most age-related defects in appearance!

You can try as many as you like "rejuvenate face" using various massages and techniques, injections and professional procedures, but the effect will be short-lived if there is no main thing - Posture!

And exactly the opposite: a beautiful posture allows not only to look more attractive, but also does not allow a person to grow old ahead of time.

How does posture work?

The influence of posture on the figure



Incorrect position of the spine can be manifested in the features of the figure in different ways. Depending on where the spine is curved. Or, conversely, too straightened.

With a stoop, the stomach bulges forward, the chest sags, the shoulders drop down.

With lordosis, the spine, on the contrary, is bent forward. Therefore, the buttocks bulge too much back, the front surface of the neck is shortened.

? Any deviation in posture directly affects the figure. And the older the person, the more pronounced it becomes.

Health effects of posture

The spine is the first to suffer

The spine is the first to suffer

It is clear that posture primarily affects the condition of the spine Steroid Shop №1 in Australia. And, accordingly, the entire nervous system is involved. Headaches and pains in the neck, limbs, lower back are constant companions of people suffering from curvature of the spine.

The health of the spine and the respiratory system, pelvic organs and gastrointestinal tract are greatly affected.

In addition, flatfoot is also one of the signs of curvature of the spinal column. And these two phenomena are interconnected, each affects each other.

The effect of posture on facial beauty

Gravity Ptosis

Gravity Ptosis

But this is the most interesting. When one shoulder blade (and shoulder, too) is higher than the other, then a similar asymmetry is observed on the face.

The worse the posture, the faster the lower part of the face. "flows down" way down. Sagging skin (a turkey fold) appears on the neck, a second chin is observed even in young girls, the cheeks sag down (bruised), the nasolabial folds deepen.

What to do? We will form a beautiful posture whenever possible!

Of course, I cannot but repeat the obvious truths:

?? Before you begin any exercises for the spine (any department), you need to consult a doctor! An osteopath, surgeon, vertebrologist, neurologist, orthopedist, rheumatologist, traumatologist or other relevant doctor.

Especially if the violations in the musculoskeletal system are severe! And with a confirmed diagnosis of diseases of the spine - any exercises, even the most harmless ones, are done ONLY under the supervision of a doctor?

How to determine your posture


There is a technique that was used in Soviet times. And it is still relevant!

? Go to the wall. Get your back to her. Calmly and without straining. You have normal posture if your heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and back of the head touch the wall.

? Now stick your fist between the lower bend of the back and the wall. Passing? If only a palm can pass, then this is good. If a fist passes, then with a high degree of probability you already have lordosis.

?Now ask someone to photograph you from the back in a swimsuit. You can do this yourself by putting the phone on the timer. Take a look at the photo: are the shoulder blades and shoulders symmetrical to each other? Is the spinal line straight? If so, then everything is in order. Keep it up!

Exercises to build and maintain a beautiful posture

From simple to complex!

one. We stick to the wall.

We take off our shoes, approach the wall, stand with our backs to it. We straighten up, trying to mentally stretch our head up, and lower back - down. Heels, calves, buttocks, shoulder blades and the back of the head should touch the wall.

We stand as much time as we can.

We are leaving, trying to maintain this position for at least 20 minutes. In the first minutes, indeed, the body will be "remember" the right position. Then he begins to return to the position in which he is used to being most of the time.

That is why it is so important to perform this simple technique daily.

2 Steroids UK Shop. We continue to work against the wall

Wall exercise options

Wall exercise options

Get in the right position for posture. And perform any exercise while maintaining a healthy back position. For example:

?? Slide down the wall to the squat without tearing the shoulder blades and buttocks

?? Pull the knee to the chest without changing position.

?? Slowly raise the right foot and left arm horizontally to the floor. Maintain a position without lifting the heels, calves, buttocks and shoulder blades from the back. Repeat with the other leg and arm.

?? Try to bend without taking your neck and heels off the wall. Raise your hands up and touch the wall with your fingers.

3. "Gluteus bridge"


It is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, lower back and abdomen.

We lay our backs on the floor. The legs are bent at the knees, the feet rest on the floor shoulder width apart, the arms along the torso. Raise the buttocks up. You can do it at a slow pace (for beginners) or, conversely, at a fast pace.

It is not necessary to fall completely on the floor Buy Steroids in UK. Making an exercise with low amplitude is even more difficult.

4. The bar

Just 1 minute a day and you're in great shape!

Just 1 minute a day and you're in great shape!

Forms a muscle corset that holds the spine in the correct position. Detailed execution technique is here:

5 reasons to start doing the bar right now!

5. Exercise "Kitty"

The main thing is not to throw your head back and do not press your chin to your chest

The main thing is not to throw your head back and do not press your chin to your chest

It increases the flexibility of the spine, relieves stress and helps to form a beautiful posture.

More information with the correct technique is here:

Exercise "Kitty". What could be better for the spine?

6. Exercise "Boat"

Excellent strengthening of the muscles that straighten the spine and ligaments. Very useful for posture!

Excellent strengthening of the muscles that straighten the spine and ligaments Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. Very useful for posture!

This exercise has been part of the physical therapy complex for the spine for many decades. Therefore, there are so many variations of the exercise. We will only consider classical.

Lie on your stomach. Arms and legs extended, face on the rug. We breathe smoothly, we do not hold our breath while doing the exercise. And dont twist your head!

At the same time, we tear off our legs and arms from the floor, bending in the back. We are delayed for a few seconds, We return to the IP.

The head does not tilt!

Flexibility exercises

7. "Castle"

We stand straight. Coccyx - down, crown - up. Trying to join hands in the castle behind. In this case, one hand goes above the shoulder, the other from below.


This is one of the few flexibility exercises that I can do right so far. Despite the fact that she was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics only at the age of 4 to 7 years. The flexibility developed in childhood is maintained throughout life.

If you find it difficult to join your hands in a lock or even your fingers cannot find each other behind your back, try the lightweight version with a towel. In addition, each time you can move your hands on a towel closer to each other.


And for the most advanced - a pose from yoga. We look only at the hands.


No, they didnt turn her head over in Photoshop) This is the real position of the hands. To which I am only approaching. Indeed, a very complex variation "the castle".

eight. "Bridge"


You can make any variation of the bridge, in accordance with your level of training. It is not necessary to stand in it for a long time. Gradually, the spine will become more flexible and it will be possible to increase the duration and bending.

Easiest option - climb the bridge from a prone position, resting for stability with toes on the wall. And try to bend up as high as possible in the bridge. At least for a couple of seconds.

But for some, even this option may seem very complicated. Not to mention entering "bridge" from a standing position: on the wall or immediately to the floor. ?? Dont take risks ?

You can replace this exercisea bridge from Tibet morning exercises:


Read more about the Tibetan bridge here:

Tibetan anti-aging gymnastics. 5 morning pearls.

9. "Fold"


While sitting on the floor, stretch your legs forward and connect together Steroids store in UK. As you exhale, lean forward as low as possible, trying to lie on your feet with your whole body. Hands clasp the feet.

As we were told at gymnastics in childhood:

Between the stomach and the leg, the palm should not crawl, and you have crocodiles crawling here!

Of course, you dont have a goal to compete, so do as tightly as possible.

With time "Fold" you will enjoy it so much that you will relax in it.

I rest in the crease after the bridge.

10. Dog face down

Cats are not indifferent to dogs. Even if this is just the name of the exercise?

Cats are not indifferent to dogs. Even if this is just the name of the exercise?

We complete all exercises with a back with this pose. In it we relax completely.


From this complex you can choose those exercises that you consider to be the most important and effective. And you completely meet the deadline of 7 minutes!

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